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Writing romance is a calling. But to make a living from it, you must stand out.

While every author's path is different, the one thing all successful career writers share is a hunger for more. Together, we will explore your strengths, set your goals, challenge your mindset, and craft your storytelling voice into something memorable

Need some expert advice?

Whether you're self-publishing or taking a more traditional route, a story consultation with a Developmental Editor can save you time, money, and sanity.

I specialize in storysmithing romantic fiction, and I am passionate about helping writers like you do what you love for a living. 

A 1-hour chat can mean the difference between a lengthy, exhausting re-write and a swift, gratifying speed draft. Or a full request from a house editor instead of a rejected proposal that went right to the slush pile. 

My rate is $125 for the hour, and I can usually get you on the calendar within two weeks.

What I specialize in

(besides editing kissing stories)

Not sure I'm the right fit for your writing and learning style? Trust, a comfortable rapport, and a sense of connection are essential for a healthy editor/writer relationship. I offer self-service options and also work one-on-one with romance writers. Take a peek at the spirit of what I do below. 


Never. Stop. Learning. That's my philosophy in life, and I carry it over into my business. Teaching authors how to harness your creative energy in a way that works for you is my goal. Together, we'll build rock-solid foundations in storytelling elements like characterization, story structure, and healthy prose.


To write stories that resonate and earn you life-time one-click readers, you must grow beyond the storytelling basics. This is when mastering the nuances of your voice becomes essential, when your books become journeys for your readers, not just stories about characters. Enriching your storytelling means understanding how and when to dig deep.


Your words have weight. They have power. They mean something to someone out there. Believing in yourself and finding reasons to be proud and celebrate even your smallest wins can fuel you through the tough times. I strive to help authors recognize and embrace the strengths and uniqueness within themselves in everything I do.

About Sue

I'm a seasoned, comprehensive editor—I have done it all, from acquisitions to story to copy—but I am most on fire about educating and empowering romance authors.

When it comes to sharpening your skills as a writer, there will never be a better time than nowEvery time you invest in yourself and in doing what you love, your joy finds its way into the world. Whether you're a published author or just starting out, tapping into the heart of your work will benefit not just yourself, but all the friends, family, and communities of readers who need your unique voiceNow is your time.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it count.

What authors are saying about my work

Author Evie Drae
Evie Drae

2019 RWA® Golden Heart® Finalist

I’ve never worked with a more tuned-in, savvy, or humbling creative. Sue can see through to the very heart of a story, then weaves pure magic to draw the very best from your words.

Author Asa Maria Bradley
Asa Maria Bradley

2016 RWA® RITA® Finalist

Can’t say enough good things about editor @davincikittie! Kickass insight & suggestions. #HireHer #EditingSkillz

Gail Carriger

NYT Bestselling author

Sue is my developmental editor. DE is basically the same kind of editor as my acquiring editor at a traditional publishing house. I chose Sue because her specialty is romance and my novellas tend to lean that direction. [...] She’s extremely helpful.

I'm sharing everything I know about editing romance.

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