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June 13-16, 2024

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June 13-16, 2024

Feel good about the romances you write.

Join me and 24 romance publishing industry professionals—including bestselling authors & sought-after writing coaches—for 4 days of learning, networking, and feel-good community activities at the online conference just for romance writers.

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Want a sneak peek at our speakers?

We have twenty different sessions in the works, and I cannot wait to share this incredible lineup of generous, charming, and truly talented romance publishing professionals with you! 

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when new speakers are announced, so you can get excited about sharing your love of writing romance books with a warm, supportive community of your peers. 

Below is just a preview of our must-see speaker lineup for June!

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And here's a preview of our must-attend sessions... 

Sessions are still being finalized, so this is not a full list. 

Every day is packed with new writing discoveries, actionable insights you can use right now, and on-point advice from the romance writers, editors, and coaches who have been in your shoes.  

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Thursday, June 13

Write for the Writer (you!)

  • Being your authentic self out loud (& writing through a disability)
  • Handling overzealous fans & parasocial relationships as a romance writer
  • Writing as an autistic author (+combining tropes)
  • LIVE WORKSHOP: Romancing your tropes, presented by Jennifer Hilt
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Friday, June 14

Write for the Reader

  • Urban Fantasy: The dark, dirty, and snarky (+ how it's different from PNR)
  • The Essential Elements of a Romance (a beats walkthrough)
  • Far Past Fabio: What Romance Readers Really Want (from the readers themselves!)
  • LIVE Q&A with Joey W. Hill (got questions about writing D/s & BDSM?)
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Saturday, June 15

Write for the Story

  • Romantasy worldbuilding (how-to from a niche expert!)
  • Using personality types in character design & story tropes
  • The Alchemy of Chemistry: How to Make Your Readers Swoon
  • Before & After Demo: How your romance beats affect your hero's growth arc
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Sunday, June 16

Bonus Day: Live Workshops!

  • Writing Your ID, presented by Tere Michaels
  • Setting the Table (for your word count) , presented by Amy Lane
  • First Fight Makeovers: Line Edit Demo & Critiques, presented by Stacy Juba

Busy on the conference dates? No problem!

Upgrade your free ticket to the Spark Pass and watch the session replays anytime, from anywhere (including listening from your favorite podcast player).  

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Steff Green: quote: "Don't quit before the miracle.
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Here's how it'll all work:

Step 1

Join the waitlist

I'll send you weekly updates as we get closer to the conference dates so you can start planning your schedule to attend live.

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Step 2

Register for Free

Beginning on May 30th, you can reserve your spot at the virtual conference and start claiming your bonuses*!

Your free ticket gets you 48-hour access to all the pre-recorded sessions.

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Step 3

Upgrade your ticket

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Experience Wanna Write Romance live with our Spark Pass ticket upgrade. Get exclusive bonuses & chat in real time with our speakers!

What's in the Spark Pass?

After registering for your free ticket, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to the Spark Pass, which includes ongoing access to the presentations (even after the conference wraps up), live events during the conference, premium bonuses from our speakers, and more!

You’ll get all the details (and a special discount offer) right after grabbing your free ticket. 

But if you wanna know now, here’s a preview of what you can upgrade to after you register for your free ticket:

  • Ongoing (”lifetime”) access to the session videos (starting at their scheduled release time).
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  • Be part of the LIVE session chats. You'll be able to ask the speakers questions, chat with other attendees, and network in real time.
  • Chill & network in the Ignite Lounge. Drop in between sessions and during the daily Happy Hour, and make lasting connections with other romance-writing professionals.
  • Instant access to the entire Books We Fell In Love With collection, written by our speakers and their favorite romance authors.
  • Bonus gifts, services, and craft books from our speakers.

Upgrade to the Spark Pass for $67 USD within 20 minutes of registering for your free ticket.

After this special discount offer expires, you can upgrade to the Spark Pass at any time during the conference for only $127 USD.

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Hi, I'm Sue!

I help romance writers craft stories your readers will remember forever. My revision techniques are based in the study of human psychology and harness the power of transformative emotions. 

And I created this 4-day feel-good event to help you bust through any societal shame barriers holding you back from being your authentic self as you write your best stories.

I can't wait to welcome you to the virtual conference for romance writers who want to love the stories you write

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