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The sessions air from June 13th - 16th, 2024


If you're visiting this page through a direct invite from me—Sue, host of the Wanna Write Romance conference—you bring a special kind of magic to the genre of romantic fiction, and I can't wait to share your brilliance with our attendees!

If you've found this page through a referral, look through the info below to be sure this event truly resonates with you as a teacher, mentor, or cheerleader of romance books. Then fill out an application to tell me more about you. 

Hi, I'm Sue!
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If we’re not already friends, I'm so glad to meet you! So who am I? (And why the heck am I hosting this conference?)

My name is Sue Brown-Moore, and I'm a book coach for romance writers. Developmental editing is my specialty, but I am also a lifelong romance book addict enthusiast. 

And I am so dang on fire about this conference that I cannot wait to share your genius with the romance writers out there who need it most. 

Romance is not like other genres.

Even though romantic fiction is consistently one of the bestselling literary genres, it is also one of the most stigmatized. If you are someone who loves reading romance as much as you do writing, teaching, or promoting it, you're in the right place.

I am creating a very specific feel and flow of sessions for this conference; it’s about more than just teaching and learning. Wanna Write Romance is about sparking confidence in romance writers to be their authentic selves and nurturing a sense of community where we can all come together to celebrate out loud the work we’re doing. 

I believe the work we do in romantic fiction publishing is essential, and I am looking for speakers who share that ideal and are excited to elevate this event through your passion and energy. And I will do everything I can to ensure that Wanna Write Romance gives back as much to you as I know you will bring to our attendees.

So welcome! I hope you’ll decide to join us! <3

The Quick & Dirty

All that said, you probably have questions. There are lots of answers below!

So start here, in the Quick & Dirty. Then visit the Overview & Details sections below for more info about a specific topic.

If you’re a visual person, scroll down for a video where I talk through what makes this conference unique and walk you through the (many) sections of information on this page.

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June 13th - 16th, 2024

The online conference for romance writers who wanna

Love the stories you write

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What is the conference about?

The world needs hope. And romance books are a vehicle for dreams, aspirations, and exploring the edges of feelings we’re a little afraid to embrace (but that can enrich our lives forever). But writing romance in a society determined to belittle feelings and positivity can be tough. 

The goal of the Wanna Write Romance conference is to inspire, encourage, and educate romance writers in their daily work, as they practice and hone their craft. The heart of this event is to embrace the belief that that their work matters and to give them the tools they need to love the books they publish because those stories come from a place of truth and authenticity.

As the host of this conference, my personal mission is to help romance writers find their WHY and embrace their passion for writing.

Every session at Wanna Write Romance will serve that mission and help romance writers:

  • IDENTIFY what story themes are important for their own personal author brand (and why)
  • UNDERSTAND why certain story elements matter (and how those story elements affect readers)
  • DISCOVER intuitive techniques to plan and write their stories (and how to get started using them)
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That’s where you come in. You’re an expert in what you do. 

And I want to help you share your zone of genius with the writers who are bringing hope to our society through the stories they so bravely pen and publish.

This page has a lot of information, and I know that can feel overwhelming. So I’ve organized it into two sections: Overview and Details. Check out the basic info in the Overview below. Then use the Quick Access menu below that to head straight to specific event Details.

And, of course, if you have any questions at all, you can always email me or DM me on Instagram. Here’s my contact info:

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Click one of these to jump straight to a section below.

Our Audience

Who is it for?

Romance writers who wanna love—and feel confident sharing—the stories they write.

Level of experience doesn't matter. This event is for anyone who wants to write romance and feel good about doing it.

About the Sessions (Overview)

What sort of sessions will the conference feature?

We’re focusing solely on the book-writing process for romance writers, from concept to final editing pass. (We'll avoid topics that are more relevant to marketing or publishing than the manuscript-writing phase.)

Days 1-3

Teaching, inspirational, and informational sessions about writing a romance book that encourage authenticity of self and enthusiasm for the genre. 

Video length: between 35 minutes and 50 minutes long*

  • Day 1-3 sessions are pre-recorded and will be initially played via a conference website page during their scheduled time slot.
  • After that, each session will be available for free viewing until 48 hours after its initial scheduled time slot. (Attendees with upgraded tickets will be able to watch it indefinitely.)

*With the exception of the Keynote addresses (inspirational speeches) for each Day, which should be between 15 and 25 minutes long.

Days 1-3 are split into three categories of focus:

Day 1: Writing for the Writer (personal motivation; important mindset considerations; story-level decisions that respect the author’s needs)

Day 2: Writing for the Reader (identifying the niche reader audience; planning, writing and revising stories that resonate with the Reader in unique romance-book ways)

Day 3: Writing for the Story (story elements unique to romance books; writing compelling stories within the genre; revising for the tropes and themes; etc) 

Day 4

Live workshops with instruction, working time, and an actionable set of takeaways or accomplishments for participants.

Session length: between 45 minutes and 90 minutes long

  • These will be delivered live, on Sunday June 16, so you must be available on that day.
  • Also be prepared to pre-record your workshop, just in case you can’t attend at the last minute.

All speakers will get a complimentary upgraded ticket—The Spark Pass—so you’ll be able to tune in to the Day 1-3 live chats as the sessions debut, attend all the live workshops on Day 4, and get all the Spark Bonus Bundle perks. You’re also welcome (and encouraged, but not required) to chat with attendees during your session’s time slot when it debuts “live”.

How will I deliver my session?

Days 1-3 (pre-recorded) sessions

You can either record it on your own—great if you’re doing a teaching session—or you and I can set up a time to record a video session and do a conversation-style interview. (Update as of 4/24/2024: The only session types I'm looking for now are the pre-recorded teaching style and live workshops.)

The deadline for submitting a pre-recorded session (or recording one with me) is Friday, May 10, 2024. (I can offer a few extensions, so check with me if you need longer!) 

Day 4 (Live workshop) sessions

These sessions will be delivered in real time, during a pre-determined time slot in the Sunday conference schedule (June 16th). You should be reasonably sure you can:

  • Deliver an interactive workshop on the topic you and I agree on in advance
  • Stay within the time range we agree on in advance
  • Show up on time (which means 15-20 minutes early) and ready to present
  • Remain calm and professional, even if things don't go as expected 

As a backup plan, in case something unavoidable delays you or you need to cancel at the last minute, you'll need to provide me with a pre-recorded version of exactly what you will deliver in the live workshop. If you can't be there personally, I'll play the recording and personally facilitate the working session (as best I can) using your instructions. (Think of this recording as your most successful practice run!)  

The deadline for submitting your pre-recorded backup workshop is Friday, May 10, 2024. (I can offer a few extensions, so check with me if you need longer!)

The live workshop sessions are best suited to speakers who already have significant experience running live workshops and feel confident in delivering one to a real-time crowd.

Can I reuse my session or workshop afterward?

Yes, please do!

To keep from competing with the Spark Pass, please wait until 60 days after the end of the conference to repurpose it. You can reuse it for your own business purposes beginning on Friday, August 16, 2024.

My only other ask is that if you are sharing or reselling a session that you and I filmed together, please share my website info with the students who watch the video. (You can also use your session as a way to promote the ongoing version of the Spark Pass and earn affiliate income on those sales even after the conference ends.) 

All sessions will also be included in the "evergreen" version of the conference, and you can earn an affiliate commission it. More details in the Affiliate section below (click).

Can I promote one of my things at the end of my session?

Of course!

For the Day 1-3 pre-recorded sessions, you're welcome to use the final 2 minutes of your video to promote something of your own. (Just please be sure it is relevant to a romance-writer audience, since that is who this conference serves.)

For the Day 4 live workshops, you can spend between 3 and 5 minutes on a personal promotion at the end of the workshop (3 minutes for the 45-60 minute workshops; 5 minutes for anything over 60 minutes).  

Speaker Benefits Overview

Here's what's in it for you...

I know you have a ton of demands on your time, and I only want you to say YES! to this opportunity if you believe it will also enrich your business or your brand.  Read through the info on this page to get a feel for what Wanna Write Romance is all about, then let me know what questions you have about speaking at the conference.

Here are some of the pretty awesome benefits of being a speaker at WWR2024:

  • Free Spark Pass (upgraded ticket that grants full access to the entire event, including the “lifetime” replays, live chat, live workshop day, and all bonuses)
  • A new teaching or promotional asset—your session!—that you can reuse for your own business.
  • Get your name, face, and brand in front of romance writers (who are also romance readers).
  • Grow your email list with subscribers and potential future buyers who are already in your niche audience.
  • Earn income sharing your love of the romance genre via your conference affiliate link.
  • Connect and network with other romance peeps who are passionate about the same things you are.
  • Inspire romance writers with peeks inside your own story. 
  • Promote your own romance books and/or those of your romance author friends in The Books We Fell In Love With Collection of free reads. 

Other Important Stuff

But there are a few restrictions...

There are so many excellent benefits to being a speaker at the Wanna Write Romance conference, but there are also a few things I can't make happen...

  1. I can't share all the conference attendee email addresses with you. 
  2. I can't pay a you a direct speaker fee.


The reason for #1 is legal: GDPR. But even if I could, I wouldn't. Because, as someone who gets a ton of email myself and as someone who values consent, I want attendees to feel safe in the WWR space. And part of that safety includes not abusing their trust. I must collect the full list of attendee emails so I can send them updates on the event and daily invites to sessions. Anyone on my list, including WWR attendees, are free to unsubscribe at any time. (Although, ideally, they wait until after the conference is over to do so!)

You are welcome to (and encouraged to) offer attendees ways to opt in to your mailing list on an individual basis. Here are a few of the email-collection opt-in opportunities you can take advantage of as a speaker:

  • Offer a strong, relevant freebie. This will be listed on your session page along with your speaker bio. Attendees click your link, enter their email address, then receive your free download via email from you
  • Contribute a program or service to the Spark Bonus Bundle. All attendees who upgrade to the Spark Pass will be able to browse the Bonus Bundle and opt in to as many offers as they like. 
  • Contribute a bonus prize for live attendees. Every day at the Spark Happy Hour, we'll give away prizes to the attendees who showed up in (virtual) person and participated in the sessions.
  • List one of your books in our limited-time The Books We Fell In Love With Collection. Similar to services like BookFunnel, you simply offer your book for download in exchange for the reader's email address. 


No one, including the host (me), is getting an upfront speaker fee. 

While there is a live component of the Wanna Write Romance conference, the majority of the sessions will be presented in the "summit" style of event. The sessions are free to view for a short time—48 hours, in our case—and we sell an upgraded ticket that gives ongoing (or "lifetime") access to the sessions and special bonuses. 

The Spark Pass is that upgraded experience for Wanna Write Romance, so sales of it are how we make our money on this event. As a speaker, you'll automatically qualify for an affiliate link and will receive 50% of the Spark Pass cost an attendee pays when they upgrade after signing up with your link. That is the summit version of a speaker fee.

Click here to check out the Affiliate section below for more details (and some example math).

Think of your session as a free marketing opportunity that you can capitalize on in whichever way best fits your business needs after the conference ends.

Or, if you're in more of a mentoring mindset, this event is an excellent opportunity to inspire and encourage the next generation of romance writers.

What's in the Spark Pass & Bundle?

All speakers and any attendees who upgrade to the Spark Pass will unlock an elevated experience at the conference.  

Wanna Write Romance is a gathering place for like-minded romance writers that bridges the gap between the in-person romance writing conferences of the pre-Covid era and the online-only (often "replay only") virtual writing events of the last few years. 

I want this conference to be accessible but also feel enriching and engaging. So access to the prerecorded sessions is free for (most of) the first three days to anyone who registers, and all of those sessions include video captions and a transcript in English.

Spark Passholders can take advantage of the social elements of the event, including the live chats during session premieres, the daily Happy Hour, the Ignite Lounge (for impromptu small-group discussions, much like hanging out in the bar at a conference), and the Day 4 live workshops.

Here's a preview of the two experiences side-by-side. Attendees will see a version of this when they register through your affiliate link.

NOTE: The comparison table below is just an example, and the buttons do not work. Attendees will be able to register on the official registration page, which will not be available until June 2, 2024. (As a speaker, you will receive a free upgrade to the Spark Pass.)

The free ticket


You can attend most* of the first three days of the conference for free.

Here's what you get with the free ticket:

  • Access to the pre-recorded sessions only(*Excludes the daily Happy Hour recap and any live events, including workshops and all of Day 4)
  • 48-hour access to the session replays (starting when they go live)
  • English transcripts and optional captions with every session video (so you can read or revisit specific sections)
  • Daily schedule & recap emails to help you choose the right sessions
  • A limited daily selection of free romance books from our "Books We Fell In Love With" collection

*Attendees can upgrade to the paid Spark Pass at any time before or during the conference. The only difference between upgrading immediately after registering and upgrading later is that the $67 price is only available for the first 20 minutes after registration. After that, the Spark Pass upgrade costs $127 during the conference. 

The conference will run from Thursday, June 13 through Sunday, June 16, 2024 with 5-7 sessions per day, including an inspiring keynote to kick off each of the first three days. The schedule (session premiere time slots) will favor North American time zones, skewed toward Pacific time. If you're in the Eastern time zone, the daily sessions will likely start in your late morning or early afternoon.

Because most of the sessions are pre-recorded, you’ll be able to plan and schedule your own session recording and event promo in advance, whenever it’s convenient for you. My goal is to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible for you as a speaker, so you can enjoy the conference stress-free during the event days.

Session Video Details

The videos recorded for Days 1-3 (Thursday-Saturday) should be between 35 and 50 minutes long. (15-25 minutes if you're doing an inspirational "keynote" style of speech, but there will only be one of those each day.)

All these sessions will be pre-recorded, and you can pitch* a product or service at the end of your video for up to 2 minutes.

We can record your session together (ideally sometime in April or early May), or you can record it on your own and send it to me.

All pre-recorded sessions will be initially released for viewing during a scheduled time slot on their assigned Day, the same as if you were giving your talk live at a conference.

For free ticket holders, the session recordings will remain available to watch for 48 hours from their premiere time. Spark Passholders will be able to watch the premiere "live" (more info below) and revisit the recordings at any time.   

The sessions on Day 4 (Sunday) are all live workshops, so these will be delivered in real time and recorded “live”. The live workshops can be between 45 and 90 minutes long.  

You can pitch* for up to 3 minutes at the end of a workshop that is an hour or shorter. And your pitch can be as long as 5 minutes for a workshop between 60 and 90 minutes.

You can request a copy of the recording after the workshop to repurpose as you like (more details below).

*Why the restrictions on pitching?

Because the goal of the conference is to empower and support romance writers in a way that feels good. If we spend too much of the session length on a sales pitch, we risk attendees feeling "sold to", and that will take them out of the feel-good headspace of the event.

Make your session topic and content so strong that viewers seek out your freebie. Then make that freebie so enticing that they want to get emails from you. And when you email them their new free thing, remind them about the thing you pitched at the end of your session. That will be win-win for everyone. 

Session etiquette & best practices

Attendees will know that most of our sessions were recorded in advance, so there's no need for us to pretend otherwise. I've seen presenters at other summits pre-record themselves saying things like "I can see in the chat that you are loving this!" and other disingenuous statements. And as an attendee, that always felt wrong to me and damaged my trust in those presenters.

Romance readers are smart, so they'll respect our being honest and open about this conference format. So just keep that transparency in mind as you prepare for what you'll say when you (or we) record your own session.

Also be cognizant of the attendee Code of Conduct. Even as speakers, we're beholden to the Code of Conduct (you can read it toward the bottom of the page here: pw = COD). 

In the CoC, I ask attendees not to discuss religion, politics, or Covid. With respect to Covid, I mean let's not bring up the regulations or decisions individuals or our governments made during that time. These discussions can spiral into debate and anger quickly, and that will take the focus from what really matters at our conference. However, it's totally fine to mention how you adapted to work from home (and ended up with an awesome new writing process) during that time or feelings of isolation that affected your writing (and how you have learned from that experience), etc. If you mention Covid, try to keep it personal and frame it as a learning experience about your own writing or business.

The CoC also asks us not to disrespect any romance subgenres or themes. Check out the Code of Conduct and let me know if you have any questions.

* Also check out this list of technical pre-recording tips so we can make the most of our recording time (even if you're doing your own video). *

Using programs you've already created 

If you are a service provider who already has a video or program from another conference (or from your personal brand) that you'd like to repurpose*, consider using that as an opt-in or contributing it to the Spark Bonus Bundle. Then, you can craft a piece of supporting content (via your WWR session) that offers a new pathway into that existing student experience.  

I'm looking for topics that present a fresh take on challenges unique to romance writers. So, the content we create and share at Wanna Write Romance should be new in some way. If you already have something that you strongly feel fits that brief, talk to me and we'll figure out how to use or reference it in your session, like this... 

*If you already have a topic in mind that fits the WWR theme but is similar to a previous video you did—like, you just finished a full-on teaching presentation for a summit and want to talk more about that topic—we can record a conversation-style interview as your session. That way, we can highlight the parts of your niche expertise that best fits this conference, and you can build on what you've already developed. 

Basically, I'd rather not straight-up reuse an existing video, but we can reference something you've already done as a talking point or theme.

Copyrighted & AI-generated images/voices  

Because we are selling ongoing replay access to the sessions through the Spark Pass and all those purchases come through my cart software, I could be legally liable if your video infringes on someone else’s copyright. So I may ask for proof of ownership (or Creative Commons license) for any images you use. Please be sure to save your proof-of-usage rights to every image in your session video somewhere you can find it, even months from now.

You may only use images in your Session video that are governed by the Creative Commons License or that you personally own the rights to.

ANY images you use in your presentation video must be either:

Please do not use AI-generated images in your session video or opt-in marketing.

AI-generated images cannot currently be copyrighted, so it may be tempting to use them in your presentation. But these images are created using processes that often rely on training done on copyrighted material. So while the use of AI images in some mediums is currently legal, the landscape of the AI battle is rapidly evolving. 

It is safer for us to simply not use AI-generated images in our WWR2024 presentations and marketing material than to risk legal consequences in the future.

Please do not use AI-generated voices in your session video recording.

If you're delivering your own recording, please use your own spoken voice to narrate the session video. Even though AI is quickly evolving, AI-generated voices still often fall into the uncanny valley, and attendees will be able to tell. So please avoid using an AI voice, even if it was trained using your own

*If you are creating a slide deck for your presentation, I have a template you can use. You'll find it in the Resource Vault and it comes with a few built-in images you can use that I have the license for.

Session (video) due dates

I want to give you as much space as you need to create a powerful, compelling session for the conference, but I also need time to process the videos and get all your speaker and promo info ready on the back end. 

So this is the happy-path due date* that will help me stay sane during this massive undertaking. 

ALL pre-recorded sessions (Days 1-3 sessions + live workshop backup videos): 

Friday, May 10, 2024

And yes, you can absolutely deliver it earlier than those due dates! Sooner is better. =)

If you are recording your session on your own, host your video somewhere I can download it at full size. Google Drive, Dropbox, and hosting platforms like Adilo and all offer a way to do this. Contact me if you're not sure how and we'll find a way. 

NOTE: Uploading your video to an unlisted YouTube link will not work. 

Any videos "downloaded" in YouTube are simply made available in your account for offline viewing. Clicking "download" on a YouTube video does not actually download the video file, which is what I need.

If we are recording your session together, you don't need to do anything extra. I will record the session and host it myself. (Then you can request the download link after the conference if you want to repurpose the video.) After your speaker application is approved, I'll give you a scheduling link to choose a time to record your session.

*I can offer a few extensions, so if you want to be a speaker but already know you'll be strapped for time, let me know! I will try my best to accommodate your schedule.

Video quality & aspect ratio

The video file type should be .mp4

Quality should be at least 720p, preferably 1080p

Aspect Ratio should be 16:9 (widescreen*)

*If you use my Canva slide template, the aspect ratio is already set. 

* Also check out this list of technical pre-recording tips so we can make the most of our recording time (even if you're doing your own video). *

Captions & transcripts

We will create the captions and transcript for your recording, so please do not "bake" the captions into your video.

Captions will be available as an optional setting in our event branded video player. In order to set that up, I need to add the captions to the video hosting file in the .srt format.

If you would like to create your own captions file, please be sure they are in English and delivered as an .srt file.

You are also welcome to create your own transcript, which is just a written version of the spoken video content. We will be using an automated process to create the transcript, so if you know that transcription programs tend to misinterpret your spoken words, you are welcome to share your own transcript document with us. 

If you would like to share your own transcript with us, please deliver it in .doc (or .docx) format and try to keep the written words as close to what you speak on the video as possible.  

The deadline for delivering these separate files, if you choose to create them yourself, is the same as the deadline for delivering your video session. 

Repurposing your session video

You are welcome to repurpose your session or workshop video for your personal business starting 60 days after the conference ends. (You worked hard to make it, so you should get to reuse it!)

Beginning on Friday, August 16, 2024, you can reuse your video for your own business purposes. 

If you and I filmed the video together, please share my website info ( with the students who watch the video when you repurpose it. 

Not sure how to repurpose your video? Here are some ideas:

  • Pull out a clip that highlights a moment of brilliance and share it on social media
  • Extract the audio track and cut it up into pieces to use in a podcast
  • Use it as a lead magnet for one of your existing programs as a "preview" or "peek" into what you do

Here is an example of a course I created from a video I recorded for a previous summit. I got permission from the host (Daniel David Wallace) and gave him credit inside.

How to view the session replays

The session video replays will live as a "course" in my online university. (Click here to see the current Courses page.) Each video will have its own session page inside the Wanna Write Romance 2024 Conference "course", and that is where your speaker bio, freebie link, and other session details will be shared with attendees.

The session pages do not include a live chat. They are only for viewing the video and related information.

For Days 1-3, attendees with the free ticket will be able to view your video on its session page for 48 hours after its scheduled premiere time. 

Spark Passholders (the paid ticket upgrade) will have ongoing (“lifetime”) access to all the session pages. Their access does not expire as long as the "course" is still supported in my university.  

The Day 4 live workshops are only accessible to attendees with the Spark Pass. (As a speaker, you'll also have a Spark Pass!) These videos will also live in the Wanna Write Romance 2024 "course" inside my university after we record them live during the event.

As with the pre-recorded Day 1-3 sessions, Spark Passholders will have ongoing access to the workshop replays. 

Scroll to the section below for info about live chatting and the AirMeet conference platform.

Live Chat & Networking

I would love for you to be present in the live chat while your session airs, but this is totally optional. (If you have a scheduling conflict, I’d rather have your brilliance at the event as a pre-recorded session than not at all. <3)

Your session time slot

I'll likely be moving sessions around until a few weeks before the event to create a cohesive flow of topics and energy for attendees to sink into, so the schedule likely won't be final until late May. Here is an example of what the daily blocks may look like.

Because each day of the conference focuses on a different theme—For the Writer, For the Reader, and For the Story—I probably have an advance plan for which day your session will air (based on the feel and contents of your video). 

That said, if you know that you'll unavailable on specific days and want to be part of the live chat for your session, let me know early on, and I'll try to adjust the schedule.


The “live” portion of this event will be hosted on a platform called AirMeet. 

Spark Passholders (the paid ticket upgrade) will be able to tune in on AirMeet during the session’s scheduled time slot and participate in a live chat.

If you've never heard of AirMeet before, click here to learn more about it. (It is pretty freaking awesome, the closest thing to an in-person conference I've experienced in a virtual format.)

Wednesday Speaker Mixer (optional!)

On Wednesday evening, the day before conference officially begins, you're invited to a special Speakers-only networking event. It's also an excellent time to get familiar with AirMeet and test/set up your own tech in a relatively private space.

More details are coming soon about this event, but I am tentatively planning to open AirMeet from 5-7pm PT on Wednesday, June 12 for this special session. Join us, meet your fellow Speakers, and gain confidence that your video, keyboard, and mic will work once we dive into the full public conference.

The Ignite Lounge

There will also be networking opportunities at the Ignite Lounge, a virtual space inside Airmeet that allows table-style video and text chatting.

You are welcome to hold space at your own table, join in other conversations, or skip this part entirely. (It’s a perk of the Spark Pass that you can take advantage of, but it’s not required as a speaker.)

The Ignite Lounge will be open between sessions and at the end of each conference day.

Happy Hour

To cap off each day of the conference, I'll host a daily Happy Hour. 

During Happy Hour, attendees are invited to share their favorite moments from that Day's sessions in the chat, and some may even have the opportunity to come up to the stage to talk about a way the conference has helped them personally or share some inspiration with their fellow romance writers. I'll also answer general questions, and speakers are welcome to be part of the stage lineup if you'd also like to answer additional questions about your session that day.

I also want to give away at least one prize each day to attendees who participate in the live chats and Happy Hour. Check out the "Give Away a Swoon-Worthy Prize!" section below for more details.

Aside from the events inside AirMeet, there are no other social or group interactions for the conference. (So, rejoice! You don't have to worry about posting in a pop-up Facebook group.)

Promote the Conference

In the two weeks leading up to the conference, we’ll promote the event to our individual email lists and social networks.

Promote 2x by email

I will give you the official conference logos, promo images for your own session, and swipe copy that you can use or adapt for your own emails and social posts (and/or however else you choose to promote). All of this will be available to you by early May, so you’ll have at least a month to pre-schedule your promos (if you like to set it and forget it).

Please plan to share at least 2 emails—one promoting registration when the registration period begins and one promoting your personal session on the day of or before it—about the event. You can, of course, send more if you like (and that's a great way to bring in more affiliate income through registration upgrades). 

Promote on social media & other platforms

You are also welcome to promote the conference on your social media channels, podcasts, and other platforms.

You'll find various sizes of promotional images (and swipe copy) in the Resource Vault below. (These are still in development but will be ready soon!)

Market Yourself

Offer a freebie

Each session video will have its own viewing page, with your speaker information, the session overview, the video itself (with optional English captioning), and a transcript.

Your session page will also link to a free resource of your choice that you can use to grow your own email list or social following. You'll give me a link that leads to your opt-in page, and I'll list that link on your session page. Attendees can choose to join your email list in exchange for downloading the freebie.

In my first summit, when I was initially growing my email list, I grew my list by 400 new subscribers in a single day. So definitely don't miss this opportunity, especially if you are building or up-leveling your business. 

The highest converting freebies are usually directly relevant to the session topic itself. If you need help brainstorming a freebie idea or walking through the opt-in setup process for the first time, let me know. The Resource Vault also contains a template and guide you can use to create your freebie

Offering a freebie is completely optional. But attendees will be looking for it, so consider offering something, even if it's just a free book download.

* Your freebie must be claimable through the end of the conference on June 16th, but consider leaving it active until the bonus period expires at midnight Pacific time on August 16, 2024 (60 days after the conference ends). It must also be completely set up and claimable before Friday, May 17, 2024 so we can test it.

Contribute to the Spark Bonus Bundle

You can attract even more romance writers (who are also romance readers) to your brand by contributing a bonus to the Spark Bundle.

This bonus should be something that...

  • You normally charge for (something in the $30-$197 USD range is perfect) 
  • Shows off your personal zone of genius in the romance-writing space. 
  • Can be delivered at scale (avoid bonuses you have to personally contact each recipient to deliver — those are better suited as Happy Hour prizes) 

There are two ways Spark Passholders can claim your bonus:

  1. An opt-in email (similar to the session Freebie) 
  2. Or a link to your own personal check-out page (using a 100% off coupon)* or download URL

The difference between this offering and the freebie is that only Spark Passholders will get access to the Bonus Bundle, and these romance writers are already interested in learning more (since they paid to upgrade). 

Contributing to the Bonus Bundle is completely optional. But it is an excellent way to introduce your brand and serves as a memorable, relevant introduction to what you do. So consider offering something that has high value (intrinsically and, if possible, monetarily) and represents the heart of who you are.

I am so excited to build a Spark Bundle that will inspire and motivate our attendees. Let’s put together something amazing

Let me know if you need help brainstorming this one as well!

*Your bonus must be claimable through midnight Pacific time on August 16, 2024 (60 days after the conference ends). So if you are using a 100% off coupon through a checkout page, be sure your coupon does not expire too early or have a limited number of uses. It must also be completely set up and claimable before Friday, May 17, 2024 so we can test it.

Give away a swoon-worthy prize!

During the daily Happy Hour for Spark Passholders, we'll be giving away prizes. The juicier and more compelling those prizes are, the more incentive attendees will have to join us live and make this conference feel even more special.

I'll be spotlighting these prizes in the daily attendee info emails, so offering a prize is a great way to get more eyes on your brand and give a warm first impression to the attendees who don't (yet!) know you. 

Prizes can vary in value and, because we're only giving away a few at a time, don't need a complicated delivery process.  

Want to offer a prize but need some ideas?

  • A 1:1 virtual "coffee" chat (or tea or bubbly, whatever your thing! This is perfect for successful, high-profile romance writers who are speaking as a Keynote or inspirational session)
  • Free enrollment in a course worth $250+ (great for service providers who don't want to give away your best stuff en masse)
  • Comped registration to a different romance-book-related event that you are hosting or speaking at
  • A free set of signed books from your full published series (keep in mind shipping costs, especially internationally)

Let me know if you'd like to contribute a prize, and we'll work out all the details together.

Add your free book to our Books We Fell In Love With collection

As a bonus for attendees, we're putting together a collection of free romance books. These books are meant to represent stories we truly love and cherish as romance readers. Here's how the collection will work.

  • Speakers (and other romance authors they refer) may offer a free book in exchange for an attendee's email address.
  • The free book must be redeemable through midnight Pacific time on Friday, August 16, 2024.
  • The book must be a romance book* of at least 20,000 words in length.

Regardless of whether you are a romance writer yourself, if you are a speaker, you can refer up to 5 romance writers you know to participate in the collection. 

*The definition of "romance book" is that there is a substantial romance arc in the story which plays a central role in the heroes' growth. Romantasy and Romantic Urban Fantasy both count as "romance books" for this Collection. The first book of an ongoing series which has these same "romance book" elements is also allowed.

What's in it for you

Listing your book in the Collection is completely optional, but it's a great way to share your author brand with other romance writers. Romance writers are also romance readers, so sharing your book is a great way to increase visibility for your brand that will last beyond the days of the conference itself.

It's also a good way to grow your email subscriber list. Even as a speaker, not all attendees will be interested in your Freebie or Bonuses. So offering another way to connect with them gives you more ways to grow your reach as an established romance writer. 

How to give your book away

The redemption link will be hosted solely by you, so you get to choose how you want to set it up. Book Funnel is a good example of a simple delivery system, but you can use a different service or even a sign-up page on your own website. 

You'll provide us with a "support email" that attendees can contact if they have any trouble, so be sure to test your redemption process before giving us the link.

The book MUST be free to redeem through the August 16th deadline. After that, you're welcome to remove the offering or expire the coupon code. I recommend masking your redemption link using a link shortener so you can control the URL it points to.  

How to refer other romance writers

Speakers can refer up to 5 romance writers whose work you personally respect.  Don't stress about trying to keep track of all this. We'll collect all your Speaker & Session information in stages and will ask for your Collection recommendations later. 

How attendees will discover your book

The Books We Fell In Love With Collection will be shared as a listing of individual book titles and links. The page containing the full list of links will live inside the Spark Bonus Bundle on my website.  

Since Spark Passholders will gain access to the Spark Bonus Bundle as soon as they upgrade their ticket, they'll have full access to the entire Collection. 

Each day, we'll feature all the Collection books from the Speakers whose sessions air that day. The books will be mentioned in the daily attendee email and likely also in the Happy Hour in Airmeet.

All attendees get to choose whether or not to trade their email address for your book, so you'll have confidence that anyone joining your list through this redemption process personally opted in to receive emails from you.

What I'll Need From You

Basic information

Once you are an approved Speaker, I'll send you two separate emails asking for additional information.

The first of those emails will collect your speaker details, including your:

  • Preferred name and title
  • Bio & accolades
  • Website and social links
  • A recent photo you want to share with attendees

I or my team will contact you directly with a form link where you can fill in all this information in your own words.

Tell me details for your freebie, Bonus Bundle, and/or giveaway links (optional)

The second of those emails will collect the download link, name, description, and other relevant details for any freebies, bonuses, prizes, etc you choose to contribute to the conference.

But before we get to that, we'll need to nail down your session topic (and recording date, if we're filming an interview-style session together).

Schedule a session recording date

If you recording an interview-style session with me, I'll send you a scheduling link where you can choose the time and date that best fits your personal availability. 

I'll also check in to collect any suggested questions that you'd like to be prepared for in advance (totally optional). 

Please try to schedule your recording date at least a few weeks before Friday, May 10th. I prefer to only record one video per day (for personal energy reasons), so my schedule may fill up as we get closer to that due date. 

I live near San Francisco, CA, so I'm in the Pacific time zone. And I am definitely not a morning person, so most of my open time slots will be between my late morning and early evening. If none of those times work for you, just contact me to let me know and we'll find something that works for both of us.

Deliver your session video recording

Your session video should be complete and shared with me by the end of the day on Friday, May 10th. 

If you need an extension, please let me know as soon as possible so I can plan my own backend working time. 

Not sure what I mean by "shared with me"? Here are some ways you can do that:

Check out this Details sub-section above (click here) for more information about recording and delivering your session video by the due date.

Promotion the event & your session

Please promote the event to your email list at least twice:

  • once when Speaker & Affiliate promotion begins (June 2nd)
  • and once the day or of before your session airs. 

If you want to send more emails, great! The more you promote, the more commissions you can earn on Spark Pass upgrades through your free registration link as an affiliate.

If you're not sure what to say in those emails, check out the Email Swipe Copy in the Resource Vault.

You're welcome to promote as little or often as you like on social media. (The Resource Vault also has Instagram- and Facebook-friendly images and general copy you can use.) 

Participate in live chats & networking events (optional)

As an approved Speaker, you'll get a free Spark Pass, giving you access to all the live events of the conference. But during your own session, you can also choose to chat in real-time with attendees. This is totally optional, but if you do choose to participate in the live chat during your session, I'll let attendees know you're there so they can ask you direct questions while the session video plays. We also have some flexibility to do an impromptu Q&A after your video plays, as long as there is time before the next session.

Between each of the scheduled sessions during the conference days, the Ignite Lounge will be open for networking. There's no set format for this, so drop in whenever you want, for however long you want. 

If you would like to chair your own virtual "table" in the Ignite Lounge and advertise it as a way to chat with you directly, let me know and we'll find a time that works best for you (and I will reserve a table with your name on it).

Affiliate Details

When an attendee registers through your affiliate link and pays to upgrade to the Spark Pass, you will receive:

  • 50% commission on the price paid* to upgrade to the Spark Pass
  • 30-day "last" cookie
  • Commissions will be paid by August 31, 2024. Notes:
    • Please use a PayPal Business for your affiliate payment method, so I can pay you automatically on June 21, 2024. This is the simplest and quickest way for me to pay you! The only way to be paid easily and automatically is to associate a PayPal Business account (not a personal one) with your ThriveCart affiliate account. 
  • Yes, you may deliver your own bonus for purchases made using your affiliate code   

The ticket upgrade to the Spark Pass is the only affiliate product we are selling before and during the conference.

*In the walkthrough video at the top of this Details section, I mention the "traffic" you send to the upgrade page. Commission is earned on sales—not just page visits—of the Spark Pass or the evergreen replay "course" (more details on that below). 

Can I be an affiliate if I'm only in the Collection (and not officially a speaker)?

Yes! If you are an author contributing to the Books We Fell In Love With Collection but are not a speaker at a Session during WWR2024, I encourage you to register for your own event affiliate link and promote the conference alongside the speakers once wide promotion begins on June 2nd. Being part of the Collection* is free publicity for your book and author brand, and advertising the free ticket registration via your affiliate link can bring in some extra earnings just for sending an email or two

*To be part of the Books We Fell In Love With Collection, you or your book must be recommended by one of the speakers.

Wanna see some examples of affiliate commission math? (click here!)

A typical speaker fee for delivering a 1-hour presentation to a romance writers group is between $100 and $250. 

So how much can you make from paid upgrades attendees make using your affiliate link at WWR2024?

Before & during the conference:

Before the first day of the conference, attendees can upgrade to the Spark Pass for $67 within 20 minutes of their registration time. Let's say that you are a speaker (earning 50% commission) and 5 of the people who click your link and register for the conference decide to upgrade at the $67 price. (All money math and prices are in USD and do not include any applicable payment processing fees.)  

  • You'll make 5 * $33.50 = $167.50

If only 5 people upgrade at the lowest price after registering through your link, you'll have made more than you would have for presenting to most writing groups live.  

But not everyone upgrades immediately. If another 5 of the people you referred upgrade at the $127 price...

  • You'll make an additional 5 * $63.5 = $317.50

So your total for the scenario above would be $485. 

After the conference:

But I'm also offering replays of the entire event after the conference ends. (Keep reading below for more information on how that will be set up.)

If—as a Speaker getting 50% of the paid price—you decided to share your "evergreen" affiliate link for, say, Black Friday, you'd make half of the post-conference $197 replay price. So if 5 people bought the conference replay through your link...

  • You'd make 5 * $97 = $492.50

And there is no cutoff for how long you can continue to sell the replays as an affiliate. You can even put your affiliate link in your evergreen welcome email sequence so it's being shared automatically. It's totally up to you how much or little you choose to promote the replays of the event.

In the Affiliate Math section above, I mention the "evergreen" conference replays. So what exactly is the evergreen version of the conference replays, and how do you become an affiliate for it? Keep reading!

You can also be an affiliate for the evergreen version of the 2024 conference.

The affiliate details for any evergreen sales you make are:

  • 50% commission on enrollment in the Wanna Write Romance 2024 "course"
  • 60-day "last" cookie (beginning June 17, 2024)
  • Paid on the 1st of each month to your PayPal account via bulk ThriveCart payout
  • Yes, you may deliver your own bonus for purchases made using your affiliate code

The "evergreen" version of the conference is simply ongoing replay access to all of the recorded session videos. This includes all* of the content available to Free Ticket attendees, plus the recordings made from the live workshops that were only available to Spark Passholders during the event itself. I'm referring to it as a "course" because that's how it is technically set up in my backend university system. (The Spark Pass itself is a "course".)

*Any bonuses—such as the Spark Bonus Bundle and the Books We Fell In Love With Collection—will only be available in the course until their specified expiry time of August 16th, 2024. (If you choose not to shut down your coupon at that date, people will still be able to redeem the 100% off code or free redemption link until you disable it.) 

More details coming soon on how to become an affiliate for the evergreen "course" version of the conference.

You probably have some questions about the evergreen version of the conference, so click below to see more details. =)

Click here to see details about the evergreen "course" version of the conference.

What is the Wanna Write Romance 2024 "course"?

This evergreen version is essentially the Spark Pass, but the bonuses expire and there are no longer live calendar events for the "students" to participate in. 

The price for ongoing access to the conference recordings after it ends on June 16, 2024 will $197. And just like with the Spark Pass upgrade during the event, you receive commission on that sale if it comes in as the "last cookie" from your affiliate link (meaning that your link was the last one the purchaser clicked before buying).

So you can potentially continue to earn indefinitely from participating in this event. 

How will my session be resold as part of the evergreen "course"?

Your session will only be resold as part of the full collection of sessions. I will not resell your individual video. (And this is clearly stated in the Speaker Agreement.) 

You are free to repurpose your video in a way that suits your business needs, and I have no desire to infringe upon that.  

When a "student" (someone who gains access to the conference video replays by purchasing the evergreen "course" version) gains access to the replays, they gain access to all the replays. Wanna Write Romance is designed to be a holistic, transformative experience, even in replay form. Which means that every session plays a part in the student's journey.  

How do I stop people from claiming my bonus until infinity?

It should be available until August 16, 2024. After that, simply shut down your 100% off coupon code or redirect your redemption link to a non-free version of whatever you offered (or an "expired" page with alternate suggestions).

This is simplest to set up if you use a link shortener to deliver your freebie, bonus, book, or prize because most link shortening services allow you to change the URL the short link redirects to.     

Need a suggestion? I use (affiliate link). It is periodically available as a lifetime deal on AppSumo, or you can pay a monthly subscription. A few other link shortening services I know of are Foxly (affiliate link)Bitly, and TinyURL.

Why are you reselling the event replays after it ends?

This is going to be a phenomenal event. And there will certainly be romance writers who don't get to attend live who find out about it later and want to experience your exceptional insight and the energy of the conference as a whole. Having on-demand access available to writers enables them to choose when they want to up-level their writing.

And being part of this evergreen collection provides you ongoing exposure and (essentially free) marketing for your own brand. With new romance writers (who are also readers!) coming in to watch the videos over an extended time frame, you'll get fresh eyes on your brand just for being part of it. 

It's smart business. Because anytime we repurpose work we have already done to reach more of our audience, we're buying time back from ourselves. Time is the only resource we can never get more of.

Will I have access to the "Resource Vault" for promoting the evergreen replays?

Yes! I plan to work on that after the conference concludes, so there may be a delay before I can get it done. But once your affiliate link for the evergreen version is ready, you are welcome to begin promoting even if the Evergreen Resource Vault is not yet ready.

Am I required to promote the evergreen replays?

Of course not! Your business is your own (obviously), so the choice is totally up to you.

If promoting an evergreen product like this makes sense for your business model, I'll be delighted to have you as an affiliate.

If not, that's fine too, and I'm honored to have worked with you in the 2024 conference. <3

Have different questions or concerns?

Email me at or DM me on Instagram @suebrownmoore.

The Resource Vault

I've put together a collection of images and marketing copy to help you promote the event and your session with a professional feel. Please do not request edit access to any of these files. Simply make a copy for your own Google Drive.

*** The Resource Vault is not yet complete! Feel free to take a peek, but it will not be finished until late April. *** 

Action Steps Checklist

I've put together a step-by-step checklist to help you keep track of your "to do" list for the conference. It includes a quick-view list with check boxes and an expanded list with helpful information inline.

Click the button below to make a copy of yours. (You can also find this Speaker To-Do Checklist in the Resource Vault.)

Getting redirected to a Google login page? Try clicking directly here, then make a copy for yourself.

Important Dates

Due dates for basic information are:

Wednesday, April 24, 2024: Deadline for Speaker applications (click here to apply)

Friday, April 26, 2024: Basic Speaker info due to Sue (via emailed form) 

Monday, May 6, 2024: Last day to schedule a co-recording with Sue

Friday, May 10, 2024: Session videos complete & made available to Sue 

Friday, May 17, 2024: All details for freebie and bonus contributions communicated due (via emailed form; Your claim processes—cart flows, webpages, coupons, etc—must be live and working!)

Sunday, June 2, 2024: Speaker promotion via email & social begins (the earliest you can send Promo Email #1)

Wednesday, June 12, 2024: Speaker Mixer in Airmeet (optional)

Thursday, June 13, 2024: First day of the conference

Friday, June 14, 2024: Second day of the conference

Saturday, June 15, 2024: Third day of the conference & last day to get the Spark Pass at the $127 price

Sunday, June 16, 2024: Final day of the conference (open to Spark Passholders only). The cutoff for upgrading to the Spark Pass at the $127 conference price is 4pm PT.

Friday, August 16, 2024: Deadline for attendees to claim ALL freebies, bonuses, and prizes (your links and coupons must be valid through midnight PT on this date). You may also begin repurposing your session videos (and request downloads, if we recorded the session together) on this date.

Legal stuff

Below you'll find quick-view access to the legal agreements that pertain to us as various types of participants. KEep reading below for information on how each agreement is "accepted" by the end user:

Contact Team Sue

Have more questions about whether being a speaker is right for you? Email me at You can also leave me a voice message on Instagram @suebrownmoore if you, like me, tend to write 10,000-word emails (just kidding... mostly). 

If you're already a speaker and have questions about what information you've submitted, requesting a deadline extension, or other technical process things, email my team at and Kelly will help you (or redirect you to me). 

Wanna Write Romance logo (square)

Apply to be a Speaker

If you were personally invited to this page by Sue, you don't need to apply. Just respond to let her know you want to speak at WWR2024.

The deadline for submitting an application is:

Midnight Pacific time on Wednesday, May 1st.