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Affiliate Program Details

This page is for Speakers, Collection contributors, and other writing professionals who want to share the Wanna Write Romance 2024 conference with your audience as a paid affiliate.

Learn more and apply for your affiliate links below!

Affiliate Program Overview

The only thing we are selling at WWR2024 is the Spark Pass ticket upgrade.

As an affiliate, you'll get 50% commission on any sales made through your affiliate link (minus processing fees from your payment processor, which will be PayPal). 

Here's how to get your affiliate link:

  1. 1
    Read the Affiliate Agreement here (click). Signing up for an affiliate link indicates that you agree to be bound by these terms. You don't need to sign this separately.
  2. 2
    Create a PayPal Business account (if you do not already have one). See the FAQs below for more information (click).
  3. 3
    Log into your ThriveCart affiliate account (if you have one). If you don't already have one, you'll create one in Step 5.
  4. 4
    Have your basic business information ready. PayPal Business accounts receive an end-of-year 1099 from PayPal, so we are not requiring you to submit a W9 (only relevant to US-based businesses). 
  5. 5
    Click the button below the FAQs section (scroll down) to get your unique affiliate link.

Confused (or just want to see a walkthrough? I made you a video. 

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FAQs & more detailed info

Expand a question below for more details.

How much does the Spark Pass cost?

It will cost $67 for the first 20 minutes after an attendee registers. This is what I refer to as the "Fast Action" price. (If they decline or close the special discount page that displays right after registration, they will be unable to claim the $67 offer.)

After the Fast Action deal expires (or the attendee navigates away from the upgrade offer), the Spark Pass costs $127 until 4pm PT on Sunday, June 16, 2024 (the final day of the conference).

I will likely also be offering an "encore" version later this summer, priced at $197, which offers ongoing replays of all recorded sessions (including live workshops) but none of the time-limited bonuses offered to Spark Passholders during the event. (And you can also be an affiliate for the encore version. More information to come.)

Do we allow refunds of the ticket upgrade?

Generally, no. All purchases are final. 

In the event that an attendee is double-charged or some other confusion causes extra charges that should not have happened, we will refund the attendee for the overage. 

However, affiliates will not receive any commission on refunded purchases.

What's in the Spark Pass?

The Registration page gives an overview of what's included in the Spark Pass. For a quick preview, click here.

Essentially, the Spark Pass gives an attendee access to ongoing ("lifetime") replays of all recorded sessions + entry into the live conference area in Airmeet. They'll also be eligible to claim all speaker bonuses before the cutoff date of August 16, 2024 at midnight PT.

When will I get paid?

If you associate a PayPal Business account as your Thrive Affiliate payout method, I will pay you automatically on Friday, June 21, 2024.

If you use any other type of payment method for your Thrive Affiliate transactions, I will have to pay you manually. That means I'll need to collect your banking information and personally tally and process all of your earnings. This method is much more time-consuming for me (and means a significant delay in getting paid for you), so please use a PayPal Business account if at all possible.

If I have to pay you manually (which will be necessary for any affiliate account NOT using PayPal Business as the payout method), you will receive your net commission (splitting the fees) by the end of the day on August 31, 2024. More on the fees split below. (If you must use a different payment method, please contact me directly so I can help you set it up.)

This article has information on how to set up (or change) your payment method: https://support.thrivecart.com/help/how-do-affiliates-connect-their-paypal-account/

How do fees work?

ThriveCart itself does not collect fees, but the payment processors through which you receive your payout do. 

If you are paid automatically (meaning you use a PayPal Business account), PayPal should deduct its fees before delivering your final payout amount. I have no control over this, so your ultimate take-home will be slightly less than 50% (and there are different fees for different countries). 

If I pay you manually, I will be charged the full fee amount for the entire ticket upgrade, so when I pay you, I'll deduct half of the fees I paid for your share. (It's the same setup as if you were automatically paid, except I have to do the extra calculation by hand.)

In either case, it's important to note that the final payment amount you receive will be smaller than what ThriveCart shows you as "earned" because of payment processing fees (by either PayPal, Stripe, or whatever other payout method you chose).

How do I create my affiliate account?

If you already have a ThriveCart affiliate account, be sure you are logged into it before you click the button below.

If you have never previously set up a ThriveCart affiliate account, click the button below and choose the option "Sign up & register". 

If you have trouble setting up your payment account to receive commissions, check out this help article: https://support.thrivecart.com/help/how-do-affiliates-connect-their-paypal-account/

There's also a walkthrough of the basic affiliate dashboard here: https://support.thrivecart.com/help/the-affiliate-dashboard/

Why is ThriveCart insisting I use a PayPal Business account?

Per this ThriveCart help page (click):

"A Business PayPal account is required to ensure the advanced features of ThriveCart’s affiliate platform work as intended. If an affiliate tries to connect a personal PayPal account they will be advised to upgrade or connect a business account. Affiliates cannot connect a personal PayPal account."

If you absolutely cannot or will not use a PayPal Business account, please contact me (sue@suebrownmoore.com) so I can set up your affiliate account manually. 

How do I create a PayPal Business account?

Click here for the official overview on PayPal's website.

A few things to note:

  • Once you upgrade, you cannot downgrade. So I recommend using a separate email account for your PayPal Business than for your personal PayPal.
  • You do not need an LLC or other "official" paperwork to have a business account. Simply sign up as a sole proprietorship if you're unsure.
  •  PayPal does the tax documentation for us. I won't need to send you any sort of end-of-year recap, because PayPal automatically takes care of that.
  • There will initially be a cap on how much you can pull out of your account each month. This is part of their normal new-user process, so some of your earnings from the conference may need to be withdrawn over the span of a few months, depending on how much you earn and how new your account is. 

Does everyone get the same commission %?

I had originally planned for a tiered version of the commission payout structure, but that's too complex for this first year of the event. 

For the 2024 conference, every affiliate receives 50% of what attendees pay to upgrade their ticket through your affiliate link. 

How does it know who to attribute a sale to?

ThriveCart uses a cookie system to track which buyers purchased through which affiliate links. From this ThriveCart help article: "When a user clicks an affiliate link, a cookie is dropped on their device about the affiliate."

I have the link set to 30 days so I can give you credit for any Spark Pass upgrade purchased after clicking your affiliate link within 30 days of their click

The checkout system honors the "last cookie" received, meaning that if another affiliate initially sent the person to the registration page and they declined to upgrade, then they click your link and decide to upgrade, you receive the commission. 

That's why scheduling promotion at least twice before/during the conference (and using strong copy in the email or post) is important. 

When can I start promoting the conference with my affiliate link?

Your promotion period begins on Sunday, June 2, 2024.

I will begin promoting a few days earlier. The reason for this is to test my own tech setup with a smaller audience. (I'd rather be fielding a few hundred "this didn't work" complaints than a few thousand.)

I will start testing the registration flow with my Waitlist the week before your promotion begins. (So if you want to be sure you get credit for an upsell, don't send people to my waitlist!)

How do I find my unique affiliate link for WWR2024?

If this is your first experience using the ThriveCart affiliate dashboard, the process can feel a little confusing. 

So I recorded a walkthrough video for you, explaining how to find your unique URL.

Click here to watch my quick walkthrough video.

How do I know which link to share?

Always share the main registration link, exactly as it is shown in your ThriveCart Affiliate dashboard. It will look like this: "https://XXXXXX--suebrownmoore.thrivecart.com/wwr2024-free/" with your unique affiliate id where the Xs are.

If you adjust it in any way, you may not receive credit. (Link shorteners should be fine, though, as long as the short link points to the exact affiliate link.)

You may see a few extra products in your ThriveCart affiliate area, but by promoting the Registration page ("Free Ticket"), you'll automatically get credit for any upgrades the attendee purchases. It wouldn't make sense to share the upgrade page before someone has registered (since the upgrade is set up to replace the free registration.)

Where can I find the promo graphics and swipe copy?

Once they're ready, you can find all the graphics for the event in our Resource Vault.

Click here to view that section (and link) from our Speaker Info page.

Can I add my own bonus for people who use my affiliate code to register and upgrade?

Yes! If you already know how to do that, please feel free to add your own incentive. The bonus will be delivered to the buyer in a separate email from their Spark Pass upgrade. You can find more information about how to set it up here.

If you are new to ThriveCart affiliate programs, I don't recommend making this process any more complicated. (So consider not adding a bonus.)

Legal stuff (the Affiliate Agreement)

If you're like me and don't know much about legal stuff, the Affiliate Agreement probably seems intimidating and confusing. The great news is that I did not write it! This template, along with all the other legal agreements for this event, were created using Bobby Kilnck's Plainly Legal service. 

The Affiliate Agreement for WWR2024 is standard for a summit-style event where commissions are paid via an affiliate portal (like ThriveCart).  

Click here to learn more about Bobby, his Harvard law degree, and his reputation in the online business space. 

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Promo begins on Sunday, June 2, 2024

Go ahead and get your affiliate link now

(Just don't promote the registration page yet. Swipe copy and graphics are in the works!)

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The Spark Pass vs the free ticket

These two descriptions may change slightly as I finalize all the conference details.

But the overview below should still cover all the highlights. 

The free ticket


You can attend most* of the first three days of the conference for free.

Here's what you get with the free ticket:

  • Access to the pre-recorded sessions only. (*Excludes the daily Happy Hour recap and any live events, including workshops and all of Day 4)
  • 48-hour access to the session replays (starting when they go live)
  • English transcripts and optional captions with every session video (so you can read or revisit specific sections)
  • Daily schedule & recap emails to help you choose the right sessions
  • A limited daily selection of free romance books from our "Books We Fell In Love With" collection
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