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The free ticket


You can attend most* of the first three days of the conference for free.

Here's what you get with the free ticket:

  • Access to the pre-recorded sessions only. (*Excludes the daily Happy Hour recap and any live events, including workshops and all of Day 4)
  • 48-hour access to the session replays (starting when they go live)
  • English transcripts and optional captions with every session video (so you can read or revisit specific sections)
  • Daily schedule & recap emails to help you choose the right sessions
  • A limited daily selection of free romance books from our "Books We Fell In Love With" collection

Click the button below to register, and wait for the next page to load. Then you'll get an offer for the discounted $67 ticket upgrade.

*You can upgrade to the paid Spark Pass at any time before or during the conference. The only difference between upgrading when you first register and upgrading later is that the $67 price is only available for the first 20 minutes after you register. After that, the Spark Pass upgrade costs $127. 

WWR2024 Code of Conduct

I want you to enjoy your time at the Wanna Write Romance Conference. And having a clear understanding of what to expect (and what is expected from you) helps everyone keep things friendly and welcoming. 

If you are a Spark Passholder, you'll have access to unmoderated live chats. I don't gatekeep what you say before you say it, and most of your comments (both text and verbal) are shared in real time. So just be aware of what you say and how it might be perceived. 

But even if you attend on the Free Ticket or do not join the live events, this Code of Conduct still applies to you.

So here are a few guidelines about what I expect from you, as an attendee.

  1. 1
    Be polite, to the speakers and your fellow attendees. It's natural to disagree with something someone says or the way they behave. But, during this event, take time to consider whether acting on a feeling of disagreement—especially in a negative way—is appropriate for the situation.  
  2. 2
    Respect one another. We all have our own set of core beliefs, and every person alive has biases. Part of your responsibility as an attendee is to refrain from making hurtful or discriminatory statements about people based on their race, gender, sexuality, religion, age, ableness, or financial status (and other identity-related themes). None of us is perfect, but we can and should make our best effort to be respectful to and accepting of one another. 
  3. 3
    Avoid discussing religion, politics, or COVID. What seems like a safe, harmless subject to you may trigger someone else's negative emotions, and those three topics are a hotbed of explosive, argumentative potential. So let's avoid them altogether, okay?  
  4. 4
    Don't diss the romance genre... or any of its themes. If you're attending this conference, I assume you're a personal supporter of the romantic fiction publishing genre. But even so, you may have strong negative feelings about a particular theme or subgenre within the romance grouping. And there will likely be people in attendance who both personally and professionally champion those same topics. Having varying opinions is totally natural, and that wide spectrum of interest is what makes this genre so compelling—romance offers something for everyone. So let's keep discussions friendly and respectful of all romance stories and themes.

And here are a few guidelines that you can expect me to follow, as the event host.

  1. 1
    I will follow the same rules as you. Everything above applies to me, too.  
  2. 2
    I will not share your email address with anyone. Signing up as an attendee means joining my email list. I need to be able to contact you with information about the event, especially leading up to it and during the scheduled conference days. And after the event is over, I will stay in contact and send you tips and inspiration relevant to writing and editing romance books. But you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time. (Just know that if you unsubscribe before or during the event, you won't get any more event news or updates.) More importantly, I want you to know that you get to choose which speakers you receive emails from. There will be a way to connect with each speaker on their session page, so use that to join their list or stay in touch with them. 
  3. 3
    I will try my best to keep everything running smoothly. But I am also one human person, and I will certainly make mistakes. I do have a small team helping me with this event, but, ultimately, the onus for providing you the best possible conference experience falls on me alone. So please be patient and respectful if there is a problem, and know that I am working to resolve it as quickly as is reasonably possible. If there is something you need help with, please email my team directly at  

By registering as an attendee, you recognize these Terms & Conditions and consent to be bound by them. So please read them first!

Still have questions?

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How do I upgrade to the Spark Pass?

1. Click one of the buttons on this page to scroll to the registration form. (It's right below the comparison table for the Free Ticket vs. Spark Pass.) 

2. Fill in your name and email address and submit the form. (Then WAIT for the next page to load.) This will register you for the free ticket and send you to a page with more information about the Spark Pass.

3. Enter your payment information on the Spark Pass Upgrade page and click the button there to confirm your purchase.

If you don't want to upgrade, simply click the "I'll keep my ticket" button on the comparison chart above the checkout area on the Spark Pass Upgrade page. You won't be offered the special $67 price again, so don't close that window until you're sure!  

No matter which ticket option you choose (free or paid), you will receive a confirmation email within the next half hour with more instructions about what to expect and how to access the sessions.

I missed out on the $67 special. How do I get the Spark Pass now?

No worries! To register for the Spark Pass upgraded ticket at its full $127 price, click here to upgrade now

The upgrade link will also be in your conference My Account area and in most of the emails I send before and during the conference, so it should be easy to find!

What's your refund policy?

No refunds will be allowed. 

I will make exceptions on an individual basis for extenuating circumstances—like the situations outlined in the event Terms & Conditions as "force majeure" and extreme personal situations—but in general, once you upgrade to the Spark Pass, that purchase is non-refundable.

Can I come if I've never published a book?

Level of writing experience doesn't matter at Wanna Write Romance. The essence of this event is feeling good about and being proud of the romance books you write (and ultimately publish). That experience is valuable whether you have finished your first manuscript or published your 20th bestseller.

However, the sessions at WWR2024 will not cover introductory craft elements. We're not teaching GMCs or 3-act plot structure. And we're not touching any topics that come after the romance-book writing and revision process itself.

We ARE talking about the nuances that make romance books special: to us as the writers, to the readers who are a perfect fit for our stories, and within the story structure itself. 

Lessons on general writing craft (even in the romance genre) are easy to find. But a deep-dive into the heartfelt details that make our stories resonate and the technical exploration of the romance-specific story pieces that create powerful, memorable experiences are unique to this event.

I am a successful, published romance writer. What will I get out of this conference?

You know your craft and your business better than I do (obviously), but every writer has their own unique psychological and emotional needs when it comes to getting the words on the page and feeling good about the story you end up with.

Even successful multi-published authors can struggle with self-belief and self-motivation. And sometimes you just need to be around the people who understand what you do and why you do it, and who will celebrate your wins with you. Those are the romance-industry professionals who will be at this event.

Or you may be at the point in your career where you are fully confident in yourself, and you're excited about mentoring the next generation of romance writers to be their own authentic selves through their stories.

If you are already living your best professional life as a working romance author, join us and share that knowledge and experience with the writers who need your insight the most. (And consider being a speaker, at this event or a future one! Click here to for more information.)

My stories have romance as a secondary theme. Is this conference for me?


Do the heroes in your stories become a better version of themself through they challenges they face and the choices they make? Do the romantic elements in your stories support your heroes' growth arcs? 

If the answer to both questions above is an enthusiastic YES!, you should benefit from the sessions at this conference. 

A few examples of genres whose romantic story elements fit within the WWR2024 theme are romantic urban fantasy (or urban fantasy romance, however you spin it) and romantic fantasy (or "romantasy"). We even have a session exploring the story structure differences between paranormal romance, urban fantasy with light romance, and everything in between.

For genres like romantic suspense or horror with romantic elements, consider how much of your story is romance-dependent and how much leans on the other genre's tropes and story structure.

And if you write plot-driven fiction with sex scenes or background romantic relationships, this event is probably not going to help you much.  

What if I don't write romance? Can I still come?

Wanna Write Romance is open to the public, so yes, anyone can come. =)

However, if romantic fiction just isn't your thing, you may not get much out of this experience. 

This conference is for romance writers, by romance industry professionals. So we're leaning hard into the topics that matter most to us.

And we won't tolerate disrespect for the romance genre, nor are we explaining what romance is. This conference is not for spectating on romance writers. It is a celebration of the romance genre. That's part of the reason why the live elements are only included in the paid ticket upgrade (the Spark Pass). 

Are you excited about celebrating writing romance? If yes, click that Register button. <3

Are all the sessions pre-recorded?

All the sessions for Days 1-3, except the live workshop on Day 1 with Jennifer Hilt, are pre-recorded. You "attend" those sessions by watching the video.

(The way you can attend the pre-recorded sessions depends on your ticket type. See the FAQ below this one for more details.)  

You need the upgraded ticket (the Spark Pass) to attend any of the live workshops, including all three on Day 4. 

The live workshops are designed to be experienced in real time, with an instructor giving interactive teaching and tasks. These too will be pre-recorded in case something happens and the presenter cannot attend at the last minute, but the live workshops are intended to be delivered as live events (not by playing a pre-recorded video). 

The networking sessions and daily Happy Hour will not be recorded at all. You must attend these events to participate in them.

How do I access the session replays for each ticket type?

The official conference session pages (including the videos themselves) will be hosted inside my private university on my website,

Registering for ANY ticket type gains you access to the session pages, video replays, and freebie offerings from our speakers.

Free ticketholders may only watch the session replays for 48 hours after each one debuts. Spark Passholders can log in to their student dashboard at any time and revisit the session pages. 

The best part about watching a pre-recorded video? You can speed it up, slow it down, pause it, or restart it. And they all come with optional English captions and a written transcript.

Spark Passholders also have the opportunity to watch the session video debuts in our live event platform and participate in real-time chat with the speakers and other Spark Passholders. You'll also be able to download the audio of each session to your podcast player so you can listen on the go.  

How long will I have access to the session replays and recordings?

If you attend with the Free Ticket, you will be able to watch the video recordings for 48 hours, starting at the beginning of each session's scheduled time slot.

When you upgrade to the Spark Pass, you unlock ongoing access to the replays to watch (or re-watch) whenever best fits your schedule. Please read the Terms & Conditions of this event before upgrading to understand the limits of this ongoing ("lifetime") access means. 

Where will the live sessions take place?

The live portion of this event will be hosted on a platform called Airmeet. 

Spark Passholders (the paid ticket upgrade) will be able to tune in on Airmeet during the session’s scheduled time slot and participate in a live chat.

If you've never heard of Airmeet before, click here to learn more about it. (It is pretty freaking awesome, the closest thing to an in-person conference I've experienced in a virtual format.)

Note: There are a few restrictions on viewing Airmeet that are outlined in their FAQs area. Click below to learn more.

Will all the speakers participate in the live chat?

While I would love for every speaker to be part of our live session chats, that's not very likely. With more than 20 romance publishing industry experts joining us from multiple time zones, lining up everyone's schedules would practically be a miracle.  

Every speaker has the option to be in Airmeet while their session debuts and chat with the Spark Passholder attendees there, but participating in the live chat is not a requirement. Having their brilliance as part of the event itself is the most important thing.

But don't worry! Many speakers have already committed to being part of the live chats, so Airmeet will be a lively place to be during the conference days! 

Will ALL the live events be recorded?

Not all the live events will be recorded. 

I do plan to record the live workshops and offer them as recordings for Spark Passholders to revisit as part of your ongoing conference replays. 

There is always the inevitability of technical problems during an event like this, so it's possible one or more of the live workshops may not end up being available as a recording later 

But I will NOT be recording the daily Happy Hour (where the daily prizes will be announced) or anything that takes place in the Ignite Lounge. If you want to take part in these activities, please plan to attend them in real time. 

Why are the live conference elements and the 4th day only for paid attendees?

There are three reasons. 

The first reason only paid attendees can join the live conference sessions and events is because of account limitations in Airmeet. There is a cap on the number of participants who can register in my Airmeet account each month, and it is far below the number of attendees I expect (and hope) to welcome to WWR2024. I can register extra attendees beyond that cap, but I have to pay extra for each one, so I want to be sure the people who attend are there because they want to participate and take advantage of everything the conference offers.

If you just want to watch the videos, your time is better spent choosing your sessions strategically each day and watching those videos on 1.5x speed. You can do this with the Free Ticket, so if you want that experience, you don't need to upgrade.  

The second reason: intrinsic value. When we invest in something up front—whether that investment is money, time, or energy—we're more likely to prioritize it and take it seriously. If you feel like this conference is the right place for you to be right now, purchasing a ticket will inspire you to make time for the interactive events. And there are so many benefits of the Spark Pass that even if you don't use them all, you're still likely to get far more out of it than you invested. 

The third reason is simply business. Organizing an event like this is a MASSIVE effort. It took months of planning, coordinating, strategizing, implementing technology, and writing (and revising) a whole lot of words. That's time and energy I—and my speakers, who are affiliates for the event—could not dedicate to other income-generating activities (like writing, coaching, editing, and teaching). And I am so glad I went all in on this conference. I LOVE what WWR2024 has evolved into and cannot wait to share it with you. 

I already offer tons of free, actionable (often deep) romance-writing and -revision content on my website, and you are welcome to take advantage of that no matter which ticket you choose for Wanna Write Romance.  

Will I get the presenters' slides?

No. I don't share my slides when I speak at other events, so I'm not asking our speakers to share theirs. 

Putting together a cohesive presentation takes a lot of effort and time, and I consider any slide deck used in those presentations as the intellectual property of the person who compiled and shared it.

However, all speakers will have the opportunity to share a free download or offering with you when you watch their session. Some speakers may choose to share their slides or recap pdfs, but that is up to them.

Be sure to check out the Freebie section of every session for your chance to learn more about what the speakers are sharing. 

When you upgrade to the Spark Pass, you also gain access to a collection of free bonuses from our speakers, all of which are products and services that they normally charge for. These bonuses are way better than having an isolated deck of slides that you'll forget about in a week. Click the button to Register, then check out the next page for more information on the perks and bonuses included with the Spark Pass!

Will there be worksheets I can download for the sessions?

All speakers will have the opportunity to share a free download or offering with you when you watch their session. Some speakers may choose to share a recap pdf or worksheet, but that is up to them.

Be sure to check out the Freebie section of every session for your chance to learn more about what the speakers are sharing. 

Do the freebies & Spark Bonus Bundle offerings expire?

Great question. And the answer is YES.

All opt-ins (like the free session downloads), offerings in the Spark Bonus Bundle, and free book downloads in the Books We Fell In Love With Collection must be redeemed by August 16, 2024 at midnight Pacific time.

After that, I can't guarantee the links or coupons will work, and the speakers are no longer responsible for delivering those goodies (even if you paid to upgrade to the Spark Pass).

Why do the freebies and bundle bonuses expire? 

Your brand as a writer changes and evolves over time, and so do the business needs of the speakers. It's not realistic or fair to ask them to indefinitely upkeep a redemption link or 100% off coupon on one of their personal products. 

This event is happening during the days of June 13-16, 2024, so set aside time during those days to choose and redeem the speaker offerings that are most relevant to your needs as a writer. You'll have 60 days from the end of the conference to redeem your goodies. That should be plenty of time (so don't procrastinate).    

Are there any networking opportunities at this conference?

Definitely! All the networking activities will take place on our live platform, Airmeet.

When you upgrade to the Spark Pass, you'll gain access to join any and all of those sessions as best fits your schedule. Some of the networking benefits of the Spark Pass include:

  • Participate in live chats with the speakers and other attendees as the sessions are aired.
  • Pull up a virtual seat at a table in the Ignite Lounge between sessions or during the daily Happy Hour.
  • Attend the dedicated networking activities on Day 4 of the conference and make connections that will last long after the event ends.

Since the Free Ticket only offers access to the session video replays, you must upgrade to the Spark Pass if you want to network at our official events during the conference.

Does this event have a code of conduct?

Absolutely! It outlines the level of professionalism and responsiveness you can expect from me, as well as the Golden Rule tenets I expect from you as an attendee at this event.

Scroll up to the previous section, or click here to jump directly there.

What are your legal policies?

The general Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for my website and services applies to attendees for this event. You can find the links for those in the footer of every page on my website (so scroll down).

I also have a Terms & Conditions agreement that is specific to the Wanna Write Romance 2024 conference called the WWR2024 Attendee Agreement. It is applicable to anyone who registers as an attendee and has sections that specifically discuss the Spark Pass. Click here to view it. (You'll also see a link to the WWR2024 Attendee Agreement when you register).

If you are a Speaker at WWR2024, there is a separate Speaker Agreement that applies to your activities and rights as a Speaker. You can find the details for that on your Speaker Info page, which you should already have the link for. 

And if you are an affiliate for WWR2024, there is an agreement for that as well. You'll get access to it when you apply for your affiliate link (and more info is listed on the Speaker Info page in the Affiliate section). 

I have a different question.

Email my team at and we'll get back in touch with you as soon as we can. 

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