The Λudience Σquation

The Storyteller's Superfan Strategy Guide

Oh no! Looks like the workbook is no longer available.

Page spread with examples from the Storyteller's Superfan Strategy Guide by Sue Brown-Moore

This workbook was a special, limited-time offering for buyers of the Fiction Marketing Super Bundle at the Fiction Marketing Academy 3.0 summit in October 2023. The cutoff date for downloading the workbook pdf was November 15, 2023.

If you missed out, don't worry! I'm putting together a full training on how to use my 2-part Audience Equation formula to find your perfect "one-click" readers, and this workbook will be part of that training.

This training will be comprehensive and take your knowledge and know-how about your perfect-fit niche readers much deeper than just the workbook alone. 

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Until then, check out my training on author "voice" below.

In the writing world, the term "voice" gets thrown around a lot.

But what does it actually mean? 

In my Author Brand Voice Mastery Starter Kit, I give you all the tools you need to start building a strong, memorable writing voice. The Starter Kit breaks this down into 3 simple steps:

  1. 1
    Learn exactly what your author voice is (it's probably not what you think!)
  2. 2
    Understand which specific writing style elements define an author's voice
  3. 3
    Discover the core characteristics of your unique voice using my fill-in-the-blanks workbook.

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