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An enlightening, flexible yet detailed guide

I finished writing my rough draft - yay! - but have felt a little lost in the editing process. I purchased the workbook because I was hoping to narrow down my thought process and try to refocus on my story instead of focusing on all the work I have left to do and how daunting it all seems.

The workbook helped me think on a deeper level about my style—not my story, but my style of writing that story. It was enlightening. I have often searched for a workbook type guide to help me organize my thoughts for a story. This book not only did that but helped me focus on the details of how to write that story and in my own voice/style. Any struggling writer could find this helpful. It's a flexible yet detailed guide to focusing inward by assessing what things you do and don't like about stories you read or write and how to apply those assessments.

Even at the full price of $21 I think it's worth it, as you can reuse it as many times as you need and can help you reorganize your thoughts and priorities per story or as something to keep near your desk to refer to whenever you start feeling overwhelmed in the writing process. It just felt good to self-examine that deeply and in a way I wouldn't have thought to go about it exactly. The workbook helped me identify the various elements I love and helped show that you can mix and match, making it your own, instead of just trying to emulate your favorite author.

Buffy Kennedy
Aspiring Writer

Discover insights you didn't know you had

I'm always looking for ways to make my work more distinctive in a crowded marketplace. Being asked to compare and contrast my work with my role models was a useful exercise in identifying how they've shaped my writing. I came away with a better understanding of what I'm striving for with my own stories as well as the roots of that inspiration. It forced me to do the WORK.

I'm not given to introspection in my own work, but by asking a series of small but important questions, the DYSS workbook led me down a path to greater understanding of areas where I excel and areas where I need to pay more attention. These exercises not only helped me consider how I shape my stories, but they sparked creativity as I considered the brand I present to my readers. Identifying common themes, tropes, and characters crystallized the direction my writer's voice has started to move.

I fully expected a workbook from Sue to be built on positivity and encouragement, and I was not disappointed. Even if you're someone who dreads breaking down your own writing style (guilty!), Sue's upbeat, step-by-step approach will walk you through the process and help you discover insights you didn't know you had. I could feel her rooting for me to make a breakthrough in every line.

Asking what I didn't want my readers to experience was an interesting reversal in thinking and helped me approach the experience I want them to have so I can avoid disappointing them (and myself). Also, by combining a handful of words to describe my characters, themes, tropes, etc., I have a better understand of the writer I'm becoming.

This workbook is suited for writers at all stages of craft and career development. Newbies will start thinking about the work they want to present to the world, and experienced authors can track how their work has evolved and matured. I enjoyed seeing my answers all laid out for clarity, and the exercises even prompted a breakthrough on a plot snarl in a work-in-progress I've been stuck on.

I thought the Define Your Storytelling workbook was great. I love that it sets realistic expectations about what it can and cannot do. And the tone is so lovey. 🙂

Recommended for authors willing to up their game

I downloaded the Three Reasons guide because I wanted to take my career to the next level. The guide helped me by pointing out some places I could tighten my writing and expand on my characters. It opened my eyes to character development in a whole new way. It delivered on its promises by pointing out in clear, explicit examples how to expand on character development. The questions around character development were helpful as a guide to analyzing character goals, motivations, and conflict. I would recommend this guide to any author struggling with their stories who are willing to do the work to up their game.


The "Secret to 1-click fans" was insightful

Three Fixable Reasons didn't meet my expectations exactly, but exceeded them. It's not a long drawn out guide on how to change everything in your life to achieve your goal the "right way", but an in-depth guide on achieving your goals with a little boost in identifying problems and suggestions to fix it. I realized I need to start at the very foundations of my story and writer brand. The guide helped me ask myself some very thought provoking questions that helped me identify various aspects of my writing that I may not have thought about before. Honestly I hadn't thought too much about making solid fans as much as just getting people to check out my book (if/when published), so the "Secret to 1-click fans" was insightful. I tend to overthink myself in circles on things, one of those being characters, and that section helped me realize that perhaps one of the biggest things you can do is make your characters relatable and that alone will help keep readers coming back for more.

Any of my aspiring writer friends could benefit from this book. I don't think it's just a guide to marketing your published book, but a guide for various aspects to keep in mind from the very beginning of the writing process. I found the guide to be very positive, written in a friendly and encouraging way as opposed to purely instructional. It made me want to jump right back into my editing and helped me realize a few more places off the top of my head I can improve, such as a few characteristics that would help my hero & heroine be a little more authentic and relatable.

Buffy Kennedy , Aspiring Writer

Empowering, straightforward, and actionable

I always like reading advice to elevate my craft and anticipate keeping that list of character development questions up along side my working document as I start to plan a new book. They're simple and straightforward, and they'll be good focus questions.

The Three Fixable Reasons guide is straightforward and actionable. When Sue says she’s focused on empowering romance authors, she’s not exaggerating.

This guide offers a series of concrete, pragmatic questions that will help you flesh out your characters and find ways to connect with an audience. Even better, the advice is presented in Sue’s positive and encouraging style, so it’s almost like having a friend cheering you on when you open your work-in-progress.

Whether you’re writing your first book or your fifteenth, Sue’s guide has the potential to elevate both your craft and your marketing.


An absolute must-have for any author looking to hone their craft

I wanted to take my writing to the next level, and the Define Your Storytelling Style primer workbook helped me by diving deep into the rationale of my story craft and identifying ways to hone my craft. The workbook brought about an awareness of my writing style and how to focus on drawing in my type of reader. It inspired a desire to go forth and write some awesome stories! The guide delivered on its promises by giving concrete examples and step-by-step instructions on how to dive into your writing style. The examples and the detailed exercises made me think about the messages I write in my stories and how best to portray those messages through characters.

I would recommend this guide for any author looking to take their writing to the next level. Absolutely worth the price tag! The examples and instructions were key in helping me identify ways to take my writing to the next level. It can help you, too! Great guide! An absolute must-have for any author looking to hone their craft!

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