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Sue Brown-Moore

Hi there! I can't wait to offer the Story Snapshot workshop to individual authors. Instead of having to wait for a group workshop, you'll be able to schedule this 2.5-hour transformative experience when it works best for you. Be the first to know when it's available!

Real quick, go check your email! A confirmation message should be arriving shortly. It's titled, "The Story Snapshot Waitlist: Secure your spot" (It might take a few minutes to arrive, so keep checking!)

And don't be shy! You can reply to any email to strike up a conversation with me personally. 

<3 Sue
clean workspace with workbook cover - Story Snapshot Method

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Open the email I just sent you. It has the subject line "The Story Snapshot Waitlist: Secure your spot" and is sent from "sue@suebrownmoore.com".

Keep an eye on your email!

I'll let you know as soon as the Story Snapshot workshop is open for enrollment. So keep an eye on the emails I send so you don't miss out!