Pre-workshop info & tips

The LIVE Story Snapshot Method Webinar, February 18, 2023

I can't wait to see you at the LIVE Story Snapshot Method masterclass workshop on Saturday, February 18th! 

Here are a few tips for getting the absolute most out of the workshop.

Review storycraft & lingo

If you're new to my style of teaching storycraft or just need a refresher on some of my lingo, I recommend taking a quick read through the articles below. These are the foundation of the story theory I use when I teach the Story Snapshot Method. But don't worry, there won't be a test. :) 

When you read the articles below, these are the topics to focus on:

November 13, 2022

They key to a healthy, efficient plot framework is setting SMART Story Goals (and there are two of them!). Learn the 5-step technique that can help you troubleshoot why your plot isn’t working.

July 31, 2022

The Story Discovery Funnel is the one technique that can work for pantsers AND plotters. Stop sacrificing your creativity for process and plan the right story the first time.

July 3, 2022

We all know what joy and fear and sorrow and hope feel like. But do you know how to evoke those emotions through character details?  As storytellers, it’s our job to design a transformative experience for our readers. So how to do that is what we’re talking about today.   To keep things simple, we’ll focus

May 8, 2022

3 intuitive steps will help you unstick your story: Ask the right question (I’ll tell you which), understand the Emotional Transformation Ladder, and write a discovery scene. Learn how to adapt all three steps to your story draft so you can stop spinning your wheels and start writing the fun parts.

Scheduling tips

Add the live event to your calendar

This workshop will be 5 hours long, including the optional pre-event setup session and the midday break. I recommend you add at least the main opening session that starts at 10am PT to your calendar. 

There is a super quick and easy way to add the individual workshop sessions to your calendar of choice. All you need to do is navigate to the event homepage using your unique access url (Not sure where to find it? Look at this example) and click the little icon to the right of the session title. 

Add the event replay to your calendar

Because the replay is only available for 3 days, I highly recommend adding some blocks of time to your calendar on the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday following the workshop so you have some dedicated working time to review everything you learned and keep iterating on your Story Snapshot

Those sessions are just for you, so reserve as much time as you think you might need.

Watch the movie The Proposal (from 2009)

You don't have to watch the movie before the workshop, but knowing what happens on screen will help you connect the movie moments I talk about to the Story Snapshot Method framework as we work through the lesson parts of the writing sprints.

It's rated PG-13 and is fairly family friendly. It's more comedy than romance, and I find it a delightful movie in general. But if watching Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds snark at each other for 90 minutes (and Betty White do what she does best—charm the pants off everyone) is really just not your thing, it's okay to skip it. 

If you do want to rent the movie, here are a few places you can find it:

Set expectations with your family, friends, and colleagues

Because the pace of this workshop is truly rapid, any distractions might cause you to fall behind. If that happens, it's okay! You have access to the replay for 3 days. But, the more you can get done during the workshop, the more you'll learn and the less frustrated you will be.   

So, if there are any friends, family, peers, or other people who depend on you and are likely to pop in and want your time on a Saturday, consider letting them know in advance that you really need some alone time to focus. 

Look for reminder emails

I will be sending periodic emails (from to help you set yourself up for success in the workshop (all of which will link to this page). You can reply to any of those emails if you're confused or need extra help.

Airmeet will also send a reminder on the day of the workshop. It will come from with the title: "[Reminder] The LIVE Story Snapshot Method masterclass workshop". There's screenshot of what it will look like below, in the tech section, if you want to check that out

Show up early

There is an optional morning setup session at 9:30am (PT) called "Prepare your space... and your brain" where you can explore the Airmeet platform, set up your profile (in case you want to network — totally optional!), and troubleshoot any tech issues.

This early access session also gives you the opportunity to get into the right headspace before we dive into the rapid pace of the workshop exercises. Knowing you're not rushing or scrambling to get everything set up at the last minute is the best way to calm your nerves and be fully present.

We will start the first workshop session right on time, at 10:00am Pacific time on Saturday, February 18th. If you come in late, just do your best to catch up. This is also part of the reason why I recommend having your workbook downloaded/bookmarked/printed (whatever setup you decide to go with) by Friday evening at the latest.

Bring a lunch for networking

There is an another optional session during the midday break at 12:10pm (PT) called "Chat with other attendees" where you can meet and chat with the others attending the workshop. 

We will be using either the lounge tables or fluid space for this 20-minute, low-key networking session. (Click here to learn more about what that means and how to use those spaces in AirMeet.)

If you came to the 9:30am setup session and have your profile filled out, you can quickly find other attendees who share similar interests.

And yes, it's totally okay if you're eating during this session. I will be too. :) (Maybe we can all bring our furry friends up on camera to say hi!)

Grab your workbook

You have access to the digital Story Snapshot Method Workbook as part of your workshop registration, plus a barebones fill-in template and the example that I'll be working through in the workshop. Here are the download links:

  • Download the PDF here ( This version is a viewable and printable pdf, so you can view it in a browser window or print the full file to work directly on during the workshop. I recommend having this handy even if you decide not to print it out!
  • Make a copy of the digital template here ( This version is no-frills and contains only the exercise prompts and fill-ins. This is the simplest way to use the workbook if you want something you can type directly onto. You'll need to save your own copy of the template (using your Google Drive account) before you can use it.
  • Make a copy of my example Story Snapshot here ( This filled-in digital template shows the brainstorming results I created in my own working sprints and the final Story Snapshot I created for Margaret Tate's character in The Proposal. You'll need to save your own copy of the template (using your Google Drive account) before you can use it.

I highly recommend downloading (and printing, if you choose) these files BEFORE Saturday. Take some time to flip through them and get an idea of what questions you might want to ask during the workshop. And having them available before you sign in to Airmeet means having one less thing to scramble for on Saturday. 

All things Tech

Laptop or desktop is best

You might be tempted to try to use your phone or tablet to attend the workshop. I think they will technically work, but Airmeet performs far better on a laptop or desktop computer. 

So, if at all possible, plan to be at your desk or somewhere quiet with a laptop when you're ready to sign in for the workshop on Saturday morning (well, it'll be morning for us Pacific Time people).

If you depend on logging in from your phone or tablet, you may have some technical struggles (and some of the networking functionality won't be accessible).

The Airmeet event platform


Airmeet is a fairly straightforward event platform, but if you've never used it before, you may want to take a peek at these quick How-To articles before the workshop starts. You probably won't be able to actually enter Airmeet until I open the workshop on the morning on February 18th, but these articles (and video) are super short and will give you an idea of what to expect.

If you come early for the 9:30am (PT) setup session, I'll be there to help with any tech problems and answer any last-minute questions you have.

Click any of the colored text in bold below to see that help article.

About 1 hour before the workshop starts, you should get a reminder email from with the title: "[Reminder] The LIVE Story Snapshot Method masterclass workshop"

It'll look something like this:

All you need to do is click the "Enter the workshop" button in that email.

But, if for some reason you don't see that email come through on the morning of February 18th, your unique event access URL is already in your email inbox. Look for the email you initially received when you finalized your Airmeet registration (after filling out the form). There's link in that email that you can click. (It's the same access link.) 

Still have questions?

Email me anytime at .

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