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Sue Brown-Moore

Hi there! I can't wait to see you at the LIVE Story Snapshot Method masterclass workshop on Saturday, February 18th! 

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Fill out the registration form below—this is how you will get your unique log-in URL for the workshop!—then keep reading for a few additional instructions.

PS - I know some of the fields on this form are weird. It's an Airmeet thing, so I can't really customize it, but the only thing you must fill in are your email (use the same email you just purchased your ticket with!!), first name, and last name.  So, no, you do not need to give your city, country, job title, or organization unless you just want to. :)

<3 Sue

Register in Airmeet to get your personal log-in link for the workshop

If you have already filled out the registration form below, you do not need to fill it out again. Instead, skip down to the Workshop Event section below for the info and access link.

But if you're not sure, go ahead and fill out this form anyway. The form will let you know if you've already registered (after you submit it). Just be sure to use the same email address you purchased your ticket with.

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Check your email

Now go check your email. You receive two separate confirmation messages. Look for emails with these senders and subjects:

  1. From me (, subject = "[Workshop details inside] Get ready to transform the way you plot!"
  2. From Airmeet via me (, subject = "Finish your registration for The Story Snapshot Method | LIVE Masterclass Workshop"

Both emails may take a few minutes to arrive, so keep checking! If you do not see one or both of them within 2 hours, email me.

You must click the button inside the "Finish your registration" email to finalize your event ticket. 

Unless you were already on my mailing list before you purchased your workshop ticket, you will only receive emails from me about this specific event

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Download your workbook

There are three files I recommend you grab before Saturday morning:

  1. The full PDF workbook (Download it here:
  2. The barebones fill-in template for the working sprints (Make a copy here:
  3. My fill-in example for the character Margaret Tate from The Proposal (Make a copy here:

Even if you don't choose to print the PDF (it's 70+ full pages), you should at least download it and have it accessible on your computer before we begin the first session of the workshop on Saturday. You'll probably want to flip through it as I walk you through each of the storycraft concepts and brainstorming sprints.

If you prefer to type for your brainstorming sprints, you can type directly into the fill-in template in a browser tab. You can also print it to write on during the workshop to save paper and ink.

And finally, you'll definitely want to snag my filled-in example results that I'll be sharing during each sprint of the workshop. These show the exact answers and steps I personally used when I did my own Story Snapshot for the character Margaret Tate from the movie The Proposal. This file will probably be more useful after the workshop, when you're reviewing your own Story Snapshot or want to use the Method on a new WIP. 

Workshop Event Info

If you have NOT already registered, use the form above

If you have already filled it out, great! You can find your unique workshop access link in your email. Here's where you can find your link:

Email subject"Finish your registration for The Story Snapshot Method | LIVE Masterclass Workshop" (without the quotes)

Clicking the "Finish" button a second time is safe (it will not try to re-register you). The system will recognize you as already having registered and give you access to your unique workshop page.

This page has details about the workshop—like the schedule, so you can add it to your calendar—and you can use the button at the top to log in on the day of the event. There are also some pre-workshop tips here that will help you get the absolute most out of the experience (you can see the tips on this page as well).

Still have questions?

Email me anytime at .

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