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(Smut4Change) Romance Writers Who Give A Smut: 2022 writing retreat

You are going to love the 2022 Romance Writers Who Give A Smut writing retreat! And I can't wait to open registration! 

But I don't want you to miss out! So...

Real quick, go check your email! Look for a message titled "(One more step!) Confirm your Smut4Change waitlist spot!" and click the button inside to confirm you want to receive emails about the retreat. (This email will come from

I'll send you more details about the retreat soon! 

<3 Sue

Here's what to do next:

Check Your Email Inbox

Go to the email inbox of the address you signed up with on the previous page.

Open the Confirmation Email

Open the email I just sent you. It has the subject line "(One more step) Confirm your Smut4Change waitlist spot!" and is sent from "".

Click on the Button to get Access

Click on the button inside the email to confirm your address. After you confirm, I'll send a follow-up email with Save-The-Date info. Bam, done! 

Now close this browser tab! You're done here for now. Go forth and be amazing!