Check your email soon!

(Important instructions below!)

Hi there! 

You'll get the first email soon! It might take a day or two to arrive.

AND since sometimes email is like a black hole (I don't want you to miss out!)...

Find a message from me (like the one you clicked to get here!) in your email and be sure it showed up in your main inbox.

  • If it went to a secondary tab in Gmail, drag the message over to your Primary inbox tab. 
  • If it went to Spam, add me as a contact ( 

Now, when your first series email arrives, you should see it without having to hunt it down.  :)

Here's what to do next:

Check Your Email Inbox tomorrow

Since the email might take a day or two to arrive, depending on how it's set up, check your email about this same time tomorrow.

If you have more than one email address, be sure you check the email inbox of the address you just signed up with (or clicked to this page from).

(If you don't see it after 48 hours and have checked that it is NOT in Spam or a Gmail secondary tab, email for help!)