Unlock a bangin' first draft with the Story Snapshot Method.

In this 4.5-hour masterclass workshop, developmental editor Sue Brown-Moore will teach you how to cut straight to the heart of your best story with a mad-lib-style mini-game and five deep-dive questions. 

The Story Snapshot Method exposes problems with a story before it’s written, making this technique a powerhouse tool for pantsers and plotters alike.

And it's not just for romance writers.

Here’s what people are saying about this workshop:

Simple, quick, and buildable

"I've done tons of different GMC and plotting worksheets, and the time investment is huge. What I liked most about the strategy was that it was simple and quick, and I ended with a buildable foundation."

Victoria Elliot

Romance writer

Cut to the chase

"I did my characters for book 3 and I have a great start that probably would have taken me weeks to develop, but the questions in your workbook helped really cut to the chase and get them fleshed out."

Tai James

Sci-Fi Romance author

Trouble spots revealed

"I realized during the madlib template that there's a section of my story that doesn't quite fit. Right in the middle, too. Using the template, I'm going to explore other ways to express the opportunity circumstances/decision."

CP Rider

Author of romantic urban fantasy

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in The Story Snapshot Method workshop!

This 4.5-hour* online workshop with developmental editor Sue Brown-Moore will teach you how to use the Story Snapshot method to consistently plan your hero's key plot points for a strong first draft

Follow along as Sue deconstructs a hero character journey from the movie The Proposal, then dive into transforming your own work-in-progress through a series of fast-paced working sprints which explore five thought-provoking questions that dig deep into your character’s psyche.

Sue’s method cuts through the monotony and confusion of traditional Goal, Motivation, and Conflict techniques with a madlib-style mini-game that will reveal the unique heart of your story.

The Story Snapshot method exposes problems with a story before it’s written, making this technique a powerhouse tool for pantsers and plotters alike.

Every attendee will receive a comprehensive 50+ page workbook that can be reused for every new story draft. So print out your workbook in advance, and be ready to think fast, work hard, and transform your story! 

*The live group workshop is interactive and takes place on a video chat platform (like Zoom) across two days (6 total hours).

Tap into your subconscious

The fast pace of this workshop leaves no time for overthinking.

"Because I had to think quick and go with the first thing that popped into my head, the brainstorming exercises allowed me to access ideas and connections my brain hadn't previously made."

Learn how to tap into your hidden story potential and bust through writing blocks.

Expose your characters' true fears

Nailing the root of your characters' deepest fears is easier than you think. 

"Going over all the things the character is afraid of, but focusing in on the 'true fear' was an ah-ha moment for me."

Learn how to identify and harness your heroes' fears so that you can write stories that resonate.

Connect your characters' arcs

Targeted workbook exercises reveal unique story possibilities.

"The section on the Opportunity Decision helped me figure out a nagging problem I've been having with the interaction between the two main characters"

Learn how to recognize moments of opportunity for better character synergy and conflict.

What to expect

This workshop has three distinct phases that build upon one another and synergize with an author's existing understanding of character-arc mechanics, making the Story Snapshot Method a seamless fit for writers of all experience levels. 


Slides-guided presentation

This is not a read-from-the-slides style of presentation. Sue's synergistic teaching approach keeps participants engaged and in the creative zone as the workshop progresses through each phase of building the Story Snapshot.


Timed workbook exercises

The Story Snapshot Method workbook is comprehensive. During the workshop's timed exercises, Sue leads participants through a fast-paced gauntlet of story discovery. Her techniques are clearly illustrated in the companion workbook, and all of the on-slide examples are broken down in detail for quick reference and deeper study. The Story Snapshot workbook can be reused over and over, taking authors deeper into their character discovery process with each new WIP.


Learn by watching a Hot Seat

Learning from example is just as effective as from a textbook, and Sue leaves time at the end of the workshop to dig deeper into one participant's Story Snapshot. During this one-on-one coaching hot seat, all attendees get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes developmental editing techniques they can apply to their own WIPs.



It's important for every participant to leave the workshop feeling confident and inspired, so getting timely answers is a must. Sue will address the most urgent, road-blocking questions at the end of the workshop. And if there are any questions left unanswered, she'll follow up with written or recorded answers.   

Add on a small-group session

Offer your authors a special post-workshop session for extra help in refining their Story Snapshot from the main workshop.

During this 120-minute working session, Sue will take turns consulting one-on-one with each author to fine-tune their character’s growth journey and begin building a basic story framework to draft or edit from.

Through these hotseat-style consultations, each participant will be able to learn from the other authors while they are honing their own WIPs. Then, the afternoon session wraps up with a group discussion and Q&A.

The cost of the Day 3 small-group session is $225 per person, and attendance is limited to 4 authors (minimum of 2). When you book your Story Snapshot Workshop date, let Sue know if you want to take advantage of this extra opportunity

My difficulty pinning down the turning point decision revealed to me that I have too much going on at the end, which helped me move some of the action to the middle (which had too little going on). VERY HELPFUL.

Emily Marsh

I honed in on and defined my heroine's deepest inner need in a way I had not before. This is so great!

Ana Morgan

About the teacher

Sue Brown-Moore is an award-winning developmental editor who specializes in character-driven fiction. In her work with both traditionally and independently published authors, Sue helps writers spot the emotional gaps in a story to craft transformational character journeys that resonate with readers. She is passionate about empowering authors to write stories that level up their skills and set them apart in their niches.

Learn more about Sue and how she helps authors pursue their personal Happily Ever Afters here.

Book your Story Snapshot workshop today

For Groups

The 6-hour live Story Snapshot Method workshop for writing groups and publishers. 



  • 6 hours of live working sessions with Sue, split between 2 days
  • 50+ page reusable digital workbook for every participant
  • Demonstration hot seat for 2 participants
  • Dedicated Q&A time at the end of the workshop
  • Opportunity to add on a focused small-group session
  • Limit of 25 participants
  • One month of replay access to the workshop recording
For Individuals

The virtual Story Snapshot workshop you can watch on your own schedule. 



  • Download your 50+ page reusable digital workbook
  • The full, 4.5-hour pre-recorded live workshop that you can pause and rewind
  • Watch Sue work with one-on-one with an author (from a live workshop hot seat)
  • Ask questions (and get answers) in the private members workshop discussion
  • One year of on-demand access to the workshop recordings and bonuses
  • Work at your pace (and revisit the workshop whenever you need a refresher)

Email Sue to set up your group workshop

Drop Sue an email to discuss your workshop date and details. Be sure to ask about a post-workshop small-group session as well. 

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All prices are in US dollars.

*The Story Snapshot Method online course for individuals is still under development. Final price may change. 

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