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Even if you're a total pantser, there are some basic story elements you need to know before you can write a story that resonates. Skipping this crucial first step can cost you time and money and suck the joy out of your writing sessions. 

But even more important than planning your story is knowing when to take a break and look at your work with a critical eye. Is the emerging story the one you meant to tell? Does it feel flat or rambling? Where might you pivot and revise, and what should you cut completely? 

A Story Consultation is the perfect solution to so many writing obstacles, for pantsers to plotters and everyone in between...

  • Writer's block? I'll ask targeted questions designed to spark your muse.
  • Saggy middle? We'll crack open your characters and dig into their true fears and needs.
  • Decision paralysis? Let's talk about what you want from your story and how you want your readers to feel.
  • Stuck on story design? A combo of character and story structure analysis can open up some seriously delightful possibilities.
  • Need a gentle nudge? As creatives, we sometimes need to push our boundaries. I can help you identify your trouble spots and raise your personal bar.

Is a Story Consultation right for you?

We can do a Story Consult at any stage in your manuscript's development. Earlier is often better, but sometimes you don't see problems until they hit the page and screw up your flow. 

Pantsers might use a Story Consult as a way to shave a draft cycle or two off your usual write-rewrite-repeat process—imagine how much extra energy and time you could dedicate to line-level nuances!

Plotters might take advantage of the deep-story possibilities a Story Consult can reveal and inject that extra bit of oomph that will hit your audience right in the feels.


A Story Consultation is not an edit.

Looking for a full edit? Read this section (click) to find out if I'm currently taking on new projects.

In your Story Consultation, we'll talk about your (and your story's) needs. I'll tailor the experience to your unique situation.  

Does investing one hour to potentially save dozens sound like what you need? Schedule your Story Consult below to save your spot in my schedule.

Here's what authors are saying...

Kat Ryan, author of small-town romance

My hour with Sue was literally the best way I could have spent my money. I'm so grateful I met with Sue.”

Kat Ryan

Author of small-town romance

Author Evie Drae

I’ve never worked with a more tuned-in, savvy, or humbling creative. Sue can see through to the very heart of a story, then weaves pure magic to draw the very best from your words.

Evie Drae

2019 RWA® Golden Heart® Finalist

Asa Maria Bradley, Amazon bestselling author of paranormal romance

Can’t say enough good things about editor @davincikittie! Kickass insight & suggestions. #HireHer #EditingSkillz

Asa Maria BRadley

PNR and UF bestselling author

What to expect from your Story Consultation

The format for the Story Consult is simple: We'll identify your problems, and then I'll guide the conversation to spark Aha! moments and uncover new possibilities. This is a Q&A session, so bring your most pressing story or character questions.

  • I do not review any documents before our chat. So if your questions require a lot of backstory or additional information I need to know, come prepared to succinctly state those must-know details. 
  • I do not line edit, analyze scene flows, or audit any story documents like outlines, synopses, or blurbs during our chat. The focus of a Story Consult is high-level problem solving or story planning in a Q&A format. 
  • You can provide short summary or info documents (500 words or less) for me to read while we're on the call, but be aware that this will take away from your Q&A time.

The best way to prepare for a Story Consult is to make a list of your concerns and questions in advance (you're welcome to email them to me once the meeting is scheduled) and craft a 30-second story pitch you can read to me at the start of the Consult to introduce me to your story. 

Our meeting will take place through video chat. You can leave your camera off if you're uncomfortable being on video. 

 A Story Consultation costs $175 and lasts one hour. I usually have calendar openings within 2-3 weeks, if not sooner. The Consult fee is not refundable.

Got more questions? Fill out the email form below and we'll chat about whether my Story Consultation is a good fit for your needs.

A few important details...

I am primarily a developmental editor and specialize in storysmithing romantic fiction. So if your story doesn't involve a primary romance plot—including an HEA or HFN—I may not be the best fit for you. I also work with Urban Fantasy authors, as long as the series has a strong romance element. We can use your Story Consult to look at a single book or your larger series arc.

I don't review any story documents in advance or provide any line-level editing before, during, or after the meeting. So while I'm happy to advise you on how to improve your prose and story through line- and copyediting techniques, I won't focus on that during our session or give explicit in-line editing suggestions. A Story Consultation is all about the story, character, or series arc.

My passion is teaching and my current focus is on developing transformational at-home courses for romance writers of every experience level (for example). So unless you're already one of my authors, I can't offer editing services beyond a Story (or Career) Consult. But we can schedule as many Q&A-style Consults as you need for your story or series. If you're looking for freelance editing services, grab my free Master Guide: Build Your Editing Dream Team (click).

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Sue Brown-Moore, freelance developmental editor and romance author coach

What I specialize in

(besides editing kissing stories)

Not sure I'm the right fit for your writing and learning style? Trust, a comfortable rapport, and a sense of connection are essential for a healthy editor/writer relationship. Take a peek at the spirit of what I do below. 


Never. Stop. Learning. That's my philosophy in life, and I carry it over into my business. Teaching authors how to harness your creative energy in a way that works for you is my goal. Together, we'll build rock-solid foundations in storytelling elements like characterization, story structure, and healthy prose.


To write stories that resonate and earn you life-time one-click readers, you must grow beyond the storytelling basics. This is when mastering the nuances of your voice becomes essential, when your books become journeys for your readers, not just stories about characters. Enriching your storytelling means understanding how and when to dig deep.


Your words have weight. They have power. They mean something to someone out there. Believing in yourself and finding reasons to be proud and celebrate even your smallest wins can fuel you through the tough times. I strive to help authors recognize and embrace the strengths and uniqueness within themselves in everything I do.

About Sue

I'm a seasoned, comprehensive editor—I have done it all, from acquisition to story to copy—but I am most on fire about educating and empowering romance authors.

When it comes to sharpening your skills as a writer, there will never be a better time than nowEvery time you invest in yourself and in doing what you love, your joy finds its way into the world. Whether you're a published author or just starting out, tapping into the heart of your work will benefit not just yourself, but all the friends, family, and communities of readers who need your unique voiceNow is your time.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it count.

I'm sharing everything I know about writing romance.

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