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Script A powerful, iconic moment for your story

...without plotting or outlining. The Grand Gesture plot beat isn't just for romance books. 

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"30 minutes just completely changed my approach to writing"

Love Language is the shortcut to your hero's heart.

Learn why what you think is a Grand Gesture is probably not

(and how to set it up the right way). 

How satisfied would you feel if...

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your readers raved about your hero's big moment 

and praised it as "iconic"?

your readers raved about your hero's big moment and praised it as "iconic"?

Set the SCENE

A true Grand Gesture moment isn't memorable just because it's flashy. It's powerful because it satisfies the 3 must-have story requirements before the scene unfolds on the page.

Speak the LANGUAGE

The power of the moment is in how the hero demonstrates their love and respect for someone else. And "language" doesn't have to be verbal. Do you know what love language your hero needs to speak?


Grand Gesture moments don't have to be flashy, but they do demonstrate personal growth. And understanding in what way your hero needs to evolve is a crucial step in the story planning process.

Be remembered. 

Learn the 4-step technique that uses psychology, not nostalgia, to create powerful scenes.

Image of a monitor showing a slide from the Grand Gesture presentation: covers of the two movie examples, Pretty Woman and Avatar

We'll break down the Grand Gesture

moment of two iconic movies.



Image of a monitor showing a slide from the Grand Gesture presentation: three important parts of a story

You'll learn which 3 story elements

a Grand Gesture must follow.



Image of a monitor showing a slide from the Grand Gesture presentation: the Line Lib for a Grand Gesture

I'll give you a fill-in-the-blank

template to create your big moment.



Hi, I'm Sue!

I help fiction writers craft stories your readers will remember forever. My revision techniques are based in the study of human psychology and harness the power of transformative emotions. 

If you write books about heroes who become better versions of themselves through the challenges they face and the choices they make, this masterclass is for you!

I can't wait to show you how to script an unforgettable moment for the hero of your next story. 

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Iconic moments don't happen by accident.

Let me show you the formula for crafting your own powerful Grand Gesture scenes

(and why that famous boombox scene in Say Anything is technically not a Grand Gesture).

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Here's what's inside:

The first slide in the Romancing the Grand Gesture workshop training by Sue Brown-Moore, shown on a monitor screen

30-minute masterclass video training

  • Learn what the Grand Gesture plot beat is 
  • Which 3 story elements must happen before your hero's grand gesture
  • The one most important question to ask to check your work 
  • How to test if your iconic scene is truly a Grand Gesture
Split-screen video image of the "fireside chat" Q&A between Sue Brown-Moore and Daniel David Wallace about the Romancing the Grand Gesture workshop

BONUS: 15-minute "fireside chat" Q&A

  • Watch two fiction book coaches talk through the technique 
  • How "love languages" are the key to the Grand Gesture plot beat
  • A quick way to distinguish a hero's "fear" from their "want" and "need"
  • What differentiates a character-driven story from a plot-driven one 
A sampling of pages from the Romancing the Grand Gesture recap PDF

BONUS: Comprehensive training recap PDF

  • Review the masterclass highlights without stressing over taking notes
  • Examples of both movie hero Line Libs from the training
  • Your template Line Lib to fill in the blanks for your own story
  • Extra self-study resources to keep building your storysmithing skills
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Updates & upgrades? You got 'em! 

  • Anything I add to the course in the future, you get
  • Students get ongoing access (or "lifetime") 
  • Ask questions right inside the video lesson
  • Student-only invites to special live events

Got questions?

Wait, that Say Anything scene is NOT a Grand Gesture?

By my definition, nope!  And yes, that does directly contradict what's taught in a very well-known romance beats guide. But when you see my explanation, I think you'll agree that while a story moment can be "grandiose", true Grand Gestures resonate with a special kind of empathy that sears that moment into the hearts and minds of readers. And I walk you through exactly how to identify, set up, and test your own Grand Gesture plot beat.

Is this just for romance writers?

Nope! If you write happy-ending fiction about heroes who experience positive growth arcs—become better versions of themselves—through the events in your books, you can use this technique. The romance genre made it popular, and there's a reason romance books are perennially one of the top-selling fiction markets, but a Grand Gesture is really about communication. And that is an element intrinsic to all fiction.

Is this a brand new program?

I debuted this workshop at Daniel David Wallace's Escape the Plot Forest Summit in fall of 2022. If you were there and bought the All Access Pass, then you already have ongoing access to the basics of this program.

I've added on to the program as I've presented it to writing groups since then, so I have developed other unique educational additions that the original summit did not. This course will eventually be expanded to include those as well. And as a student in my course, you'll get access to all future upgrades at no extra cost.

What if I haven't seen the example movies?

No worries at all. I walk through everything you need to know about the hero's journeys for these two examples. The examples are still powerful, even if you haven't seen (or don't plan to watch) either of these films.

How long do I have access?

As long as this workshop lives in my online university, you can log in and access it. Some people call this "lifetime" access, but I find that confusing. Whose lifetime? Mine? Yours? Instead of saying "for the lifetime of the course", I just say ongoing access.

And no, I have no future plans to retire this program. I <3 it so!          

Do you offer returns or refunds?

This workshop is a digital product, so once you have watched it, there is nothing to "return". I have a no-refunds policy for this program. If you're not sure it will be right for you, email me and I'll help you decide.

I have a different question.

I'd be happy to chat about it! Email me at sue@suebrownmoore.com

I answer most emails within 48 hours unless it's over a weekend or I'm traveling. 

Conversation bubbles with real chatter from the debut of the masterclass workshop

Sue pushes me to write better and better novels. She’s a fantastic editor. I don’t know how long it would’ve taken me to sharpen up my game without her, and I really don’t want to speculate on that either. Thank you, Sue!

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JS Harker

Urban Fantasy Romance writer

First, I want to say you are a phenomenal speaker and teacher. I watched your "Liar, Liar, Plot on Fire: A 5-question story diagnosis technique" webinar back in March and loved it. So of course I'm excited by the prospect of even more of your content.

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Coryanne Hicks

Ghostwriter / fiction writer