Get Ready To Record (Interview Tech Display) with monitor and placeholder

Here's how to get ready for our recording session.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you during our joint-recording session! To be sure everyone is ready in advance (and avoid technical hiccups on the day of), here are some tips for prepping your work station.

  • Look for an email confirming your meeting time and date. Save that email just in case you need it later.
  • Add the recording "meeting" time and date to your calendar. Be sure that calendar entry has the meeting's access link and any additional info you think you may need. (So you can easily find it on the day of.) 
  • Use earbuds or headphones for your sound output during our recording session. Google Meet (and other services I use) don't filter out echoes as well as Zoom, so even if you've successfully recorded on Zoom sans earbuds without an echo, it may still be a problem here. And don't forget to charge your headphones the night before! (Struggle with earbuds falling out and don't want bulky headphones? I recommend Shokz!) 
  • Find a low-noise place to record. Is there a private space in your home or office where you can post up for a while? Avoid trying to record in public spaces, especially noisy ones like coffee shops. Also be sure that your microphone records at a decent quality (do a test video run yourself and see how it sounds).
  • Set aside a distraction-free time frame. Even if you have a quiet place to record our session, family and friends don't always know we need that time to ourselves. So be sure to let people know you'll be busy. 
  • Get ready to be on camera! This is a video session, so do whatever you need to do for yourself to get comfortable and ready. (Don't wanna wear makeup? Not wearing pants off-screen? No worries. You do you!)
  • Download or find your favorite Zoom background. We're using Google Meet instead of Zoom, so if you have a preferred background you want to use for your session, be sure to have it handy so you can upload it to Google Meet at the start of our recording session. (If you're doing a panel, we may use a different streaming service to record, and I'm not sure if the virtual background works there.)
  • Show up 5 minutes early. Give yourself time to get into the meeting and check that your mic and headphones work before it's set to start. (I am the worst about running late for everything, so this trick is the best way to save me from myself and actually show up on time and prepared.) And don't forget to turn off your own phone ringer before we start!

Email me at if you have any questions. See you soon!