Learn to Line Edit Like a Pro

Do your words transport your readers?

Or does your prose get in its own way?

Make every. word. count.

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You only get

one chance 

to make a


first impression.

The Elev8 Line-Editing Method is for you if you want to...

  • Learn how to make quick changes that matter (and spend less time fiddling with your sentences)
  • Clean up your stiff, messy prose (with a clear 8-step process that uncovers errors you may not even realize you're making)
  • Make strategic improvements to sentences and paragraphs (so you can DIY your own line edits or get the most out of a paid line edit)
  • Build confidence that you're making smart, meaningful editing choices (and know which style rules you shouldn't break)

In less than one hour, I'll show you exactly how to analyze your work at the line level and squeeze the most oomph out. of. every. word!

Make it easy for readers to love your writing.

Here's a peek at what's included

with the workshop

Preview of what's inside in the Learn to Line Edit Like a Pro workshop by Sue Brown-Moore
  • Real examples of Show vs. Tell (and why "telling" isn't necessarily a bad thing)
  • How to spot tricky grammar errors that copyeditors often miss (and that drive your eagle-eyed readers nuts
  • The difference between character voice and author voice (and how to find the right mix)
  • What "tone and feel" means in a stylistic context and how to sharpen yours at the paragraph level

Simple. Straightforward. Approachable.

Line editing doesn't have to be complicated. Or confusing. Or expensive.

Laptop showing the workshop intro slide of the Learn to Line Edit Like a Pro workshop by Sue Brown-Moore

In the workshop, we'll talk about...

  • Why your go-to "style" phrasings may be accidentally introducing mistakes (and actual examples of how to find + fix them)
  • The main difference between line editing and copy editing (and why it is essential that you know the difference)
  • How to use strategically colored highlights to plan out your revision rounds (to simplify the edit and give your brain space to choose)

Your Elev8 workshop also comes with...

workbook and pro tips

A printable PDF workbook that includes:

  • A recap checklist of the eight Elev8 stages that build your confidence in bite-sized revision layers
  • Guided brainstorming to get you in the right mindset to make strategic decisions
  • Instructions for a line-editing practice session with one of your scenes
Example edits

A set of real example edits that:

  • Shows the before-and-after of the Elev8 Method on a full scene
  • Illustrates all 8 revision phases in the Elev8 method (with highlights for each pass)
  • Includes inline editorial remarks explaining why I made the editing choices I did and what you might do different
bonus pro tips on a clipboard

Bonus Pro Tips for line editing your practice scene

  • Tips you might have missed from the workshop video (I cover a lot!)
  • Extra insights that help me when I do line editing projects for author clients
  • Free online tools you can use to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently

And Q&A video clips from my live workshops 

Monitors showing the Q&A videos

Compelling prose lives at the intersection of cognitive clarity & emotional depth.

text that says "straight from your workbook" with an arrow pointing down
Vinn diagram showing that compelling prose lives at the intersection of cognitive clarity and emotional depth

Is your prose compelling?

Stop fiddling and learn to line edit like a pro.

Preview of what's inside in the Learn to Line Edit Like a Pro workshop by Sue Brown-Moore

Got a question? Read on!

How is this different from Bombshell Verbs?

Bombshell Verbs is a line-editing primer that focuses solely on verbs. You can do Bombshell Verbs before or after you learn the Elev8 Method, since they cover different topics. 

The Learn to Line Edit Like a Pro workshop is a full introduction to what line editing is, why it's ultra-important to master it as a fiction writer, and how to start line editing your own scenes with the same method that I use in my work.   

This workshop is comprehensive, where Bombshell Verbs is more of an amuse-bouche.

Is this a live workshop or a recording?

When you enroll in the course version of my Learn to Line Edit Like a Pro workshop (that's what this is!), you get ongoing access to watch (and re-watch) the workshop anytime you like.

I used to offer this workshop as a paid live event for small writing groups, so your workshop video is a recording of one of those live events. The groups I presented this to live only got one month of replay access after their workshop, so this ongoing version gives you much more flexibility. 

Another bonus of enrolling in this course version is that you'll get to see Q&A snippets from a few different live events. So you can watch the video, sit back for the Q&As, and work through your own guided editing session at your pace. 

How long do I have access?

As long as this workshop lives in my online university, you can log in and access it. Some people call this "lifetime" access, but I find that confusing. Whose lifetime? Mine? Yours? Instead of saying "for the lifetime of the course", I just say ongoing access.

I currently have no future plans to retire this program.    

How long will this workshop be for sale?

Indefinitely! I don't have any plans to retire it, so if the timing isn't right right now, that's totally okay. 

Just keep in mind that any one-day or limited-time offers (like my Black Friday Deals Week) are not guaranteed to come around again. And sometimes it's better to start making progress now rather than waiting (and waiting and waiting) for a sale.

Is this just for romance writers?

Nope! I did create it as a private training for romance writing groups, and there are references to some stylings that are common in romance books, but line editing is fairly genre-proof because it's all about what's right for your brand and your audience.  

As long as you have the creative freedom to make the final call on your fiction story, you'll be able to use the 8-step Elev8 framework over and over in your publishing process.         

If I have questions about the workshop, how do I get help?

You can ask questions directly on the workshop video "lessons" inside my online university. Just leave a comment there. I do regular checks of all my courses and respond when I can. I may not be able to answer personal or manuscript questions, but I will definitely try to clarify any major points of confusion about the workshop & Elev8 Method. 

Asking in the course comments makes our dialogue visible to the other students as well. Someone may have the same question as you (and vice versa), which saves us all time and energy.    

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

This workshop is a digital product that is delivered via video format, with a few bonus downloadable files. I have a general no-refunds policy for this type of program.

If you're not sure it will be right for you, email me and I'll help you decide. (But keep in mind that I try to observe healthy working hours and may not be able to respond to your email before any limited-time offers expire.)

I have a different question.

I'd be happy to chat about it! Email me at sue@suebrownmoore.com

I answer most emails within 48 hours unless it's over a weekend or I'm traveling. (But keep in mind that I try to observe healthy working hours and may not be able to respond to your email before any limited-time offers expire.)

preview of what's inside the course

First, I want to say you are a phenomenal speaker and teacher. I watched your "Liar, Liar, Plot on Fire" webinar and loved it, so of course I'm excited by the prospect of even more of your content.

Coryanne Hicks // Ghostwriter

Hi, I'm Sue!

I help fiction writers craft stories your readers will remember forever. My revision techniques are based in the study of human psychology and harness the power of transformative emotions. 

This workshop was created with romance writers in mind, but the Elev8 Method works for most genres of fiction stories.

I can't wait to show you how to line edit like a pro and get the most oomph out of every word you publish. 

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