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Intro to Line Editing: Free video training (watch on a laptop)

I can't wait to share my Intro to Line Editing free training with you! It will teach you the basic why, what, and how of line editing in only 6 minutes. And, you can watch it anywhere!

Even if you know you can't watch the video until later, I don't want you to forget and miss out! So...

Real quick, go check your email! Look for a message titled "Intro to Line Editing: Video training link inside" and click the button inside to confirm you want to receive emails from me. (This email will come from

Your link to watch the video training is inside that email, and you can watch it whenever is convenient for you (but don't wait too long!).

I have a special video message for you when you open the video, so go! Click that link now! :) 

<3 Sue

Here's what to do next:

Check Your Email Inbox

Go to the email inbox of the address you signed up with on the previous page.

Open the Confirmation Email

Open the email I just sent you. It has the subject line "Intro to Line Editing: Video training link inside" and is sent from "".

Click on the Button to get Access

Click on the button inside the email to confirm your address. After you confirm, I'll send some follow-up resources, and bam, all done! 

Now close this browser tab! You're done here for now. Go check out your free training video!