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Everything you need to know about

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Why Line Editing matters

The reward a reader gets out of reading a sentence must be greater than the effort they put in to read it.

Poorly constructed prose can lead to DNFs (Did Not Finish reviews) and disappointing book sales.  

If you want to keep readers engaged in your story, you must keep your words and phrases simple

But "simple" doesn't have to mean "boring".

The Elev8 Technique will step you through how to line edit strategically without sacrificing your style.

How it's different from Copyediting

Many writers confuse line editing and copyediting. So what's the difference? 

And how do you know what to edit when?

Learn the purpose for each type of editing in this free training video. 

And find out whether you should combine them into a single editing phase or invest in separate, dedicated editing passes.

The Elev8 Technique demystifies what decisions you need to make when.

Different colors of notebooks (Learn to Line Edit: A free video training by Sue Brown-Moore)
Woman writing in a journal (Learn to Line Edit: A free video training by Sue Brown-Moore)
The technique that will elevate your prose

I developed the Elev8 Technique to make my job as a professional editor easier because I need to be able to make quick decisions without second-guessing my edits.

Being able to make your edits with confidence will save you hours on even a single manuscript. And that's a skill every writer should know.

So I'm sharing the framework of my Elev8 Technique and everything you need to know to get started line editing your own work.

Stop agonizing over insignificant choices and learn to line edit with purpose.

Learn to transform your rambling, drafty words

into concise, compelling prose.

Don't skip this free training if you...

  • Are unsure of the difference between line and copy editing (or)
  • Use the terms "line editing" and "copy editing" interchangeably
  • Spend more than 30 seconds agonizing over a word or punctuation change
  • Want to learn line editing but worry it's too complicated
  • Want to develop a stronger writing voice but don't know how
  • Want to build a compelling author brand that keeps readers coming back
  • Have a packed schedule and can't afford to sit at your computer for a lengthy, droning session 

[This technique] gives me 

a feeling of control.

~ author Laura Russell

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