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skyrocket your confidence in your first draft in 35 minutes

skyrocket your confidence in your first draft

by learning what 3 things your story's plot needs and how to nail them every time

Learn the 3 things your plot needs NOW

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You need to THINK like a developmental EDITOR.

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How confident would you feel if..

you knew you could make the right story choices in the first draft?

The RIGHT Hero

Knowing you created a hero that readers can relate to starts with harnessing the power of ONE very important (and often ignored) character trait. 


Do you know the 5 phases of growth your hero should experience in your story? That transformation journey is what makes your book resonate with readers.

Your Story's LEGACY

Readers remember stories that make them feel. And that emotional hook is bookended by two crucial plot moments that your story must have.

Hi, I'm Sue!

I help fiction writers craft stories your readers will remember forever. My revision techniques are based in the study of human psychology and harness the power of transformative emotions. 

If you write books about heroes who become better versions of themselves through the challenges they face and the choices they make, this webinar is for you!

I can't wait to show you the three story-setup steps that will save you time, money, and energy and will build unshakable confidence in your stories.

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This is a real training, with real results.

Stop doing a million rewrites and focus on what matters most in your story.

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Sue pushes me to write better and better novels. She’s a fantastic editor. I don’t know how long it would’ve taken me to sharpen up my game without her, and I really don’t want to speculate on that either. Thank you, Sue!

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JS Harker

Urban Fantasy Romance writer

First, I want to say you are a phenomenal speaker and teacher. I watched your "Liar, Liar, Plot on Fire: A 5-question story diagnosis technique" webinar back in March and loved it. So of course I'm excited by the prospect of even more of your content.

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Coryanne Hicks

Ghostwriter / fiction writer