Empower your storytelling voice in 6 simple steps

Are you reaching your full potential as a romance author? Are you ready to dial in on the details that will boost your style? Seasoned author or just getting started, this self-guided mini-course is for you.

Your stories are only as powerful as your voice. 

The Define Your Storytelling Style Workbook is a self-guided mini-course that walks you through how to discover and refine your natural creative tendencies and build the foundation for a storytelling voice that embraces the heart of you.

Rosalie Redd, Award-winning paranormal romance author


The Define Your Storytelling Style workbook gives concrete examples and step-by-step instructions on how to dive into your writing style. Absolutely worth the price tag! The examples and instructions were key in helping me identify ways to take my writing to the next level. It can help you, too! Great guide! An absolute must-have for any author looking to hone their craft!

Rosalie Redd Award-winning paranormal romance author

Why you need this Workbook

If you want to take your writing to the next level and get the absolute most out of your creative energy investment... 


If you struggle with finding just the right words, deciding exactly who your target audience is, or believing that you (yes, you!) can write stories that resonate, keep reading. 

In this self-guided mini-course, you will...

Discover & vet your personal writing inspirations

Our early influences in life can affect us just as powerfully as today's issues. And sometimes we don't even realize that our mindsets and goals are outdated (or even limiting). Learn how to flip your internal lens.

Identify the foundation of your style

Most writers have a go-to natural set of tendencies, so it's tempting to label and silo ourselves. But your real power lives in the strength of your storytelling tenets. Learn which stylistic elements are your most sacred.

Understand why you write what you do

Sometimes our whys are as much avoidance-motivated as pleasure-seeking. And when we recognize our limitations, we tap into our core of self. Learn how to harness your desires and fears and infuse them into your stories. 

Challenge your mindset and push your stylistic boundaries

In this time of social reckoning, the nuances of your message matter. You must choose your story details with intentLearn how to keep your storytelling voice relevant, fresh, and true to yourself.

What authors are saying about this workbook


I was blown away by how this workbook did what it said it would. I was a bit skeptical about 'defining a writing style' for myself, but the workbook did just that. What I learned from it is priceless.

I would highly recommend that all authors do this at any stage of their careers, but also redo the workbook at different stages of their careers.

H. S. Stavropoulos

/ Romance writer & Daphne contest finalist


After reading through the workbook and doing the exercises, I felt the price was a bargain because it was like having a personal coach leading me through the process.

I really liked the positivity and can-do attitude. Although this talked about tropes and HEA, I think it could benefit all contemporary fiction.

S. Q. Orpin

/ Author of contemporary women's fiction


I would recommend this workbook for authors new to writing. It’s a wonderful step-by-step process to identify a writer’s strengths. The information is exceptional.

The Define Your Storytelling Style workbook sparked the desire to actually think about why I like or dislike certain styles, tropes, and points-of-view.

Lisa Coughlin

/ Author of contemporary small-town romance

Don't wait for something to happen. Be that something.

If I only had... If I could just... If I wait until...

Your time is precious and it is finite. You will never have more time to Get Shit Done in your life than right now. Today. Every excuse, every delay steals a little more of your potential. And you deserve more. 

Why wait to discover the power of voice that already lives within you? Why put off investing in what makes you happy? 

Activate your muse by challenging your mindset

The biggest difference between a successful career author and a hobbyist is commitment.

You have to reaffirm your dedication to your goals every single day. You must choose to grow, learn, and take risks. Not just tomorrow, but today. You can only grow by pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and trying things that feel strange.   

When you challenge yourself and follow through on your commitment, you'll unlock story possibilities you never considered.

Only you can write your Happily Ever After. So make every thought, word, and moment count.”

~Sue Brown-Moore

Sue Brown-Moore
Sue Brown-Moore

I'm a seasoned, comprehensive editor—I do it all, from story to copy—but I am most on fire about educating and empowering romance authors.

When it comes to sharpening your skills as a writer, there will never be a better time than nowEvery time you invest in yourself and in doing what you love, your joy finds its way into the world. Whether you're a published author or just starting out, tapping into the heart of your work will benefit not just yourself, but all the friends, family, and communities of readers who need your unique voice. Now is your time.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it count.

author Buffy Kennedy

Worth the price

This workbook was enlightening. It's a flexible yet detailed guide that you can reuse as many times as you need. Keep it near your desk to refer to whenever you start feeling overwhelmed in the writing process. It felt good to self-examine that deeply and in a way I wouldn't have thought to go about it.

Buffy Kennedy  //  Aspiring Writer

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Define Your Storytelling Style by Sue Brown-Moore

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