Unlock the soul of your romance storytelling voice

Your stories are only as powerful as your voice. And a romance writer's storytelling voice can be a complex, layered beast to perfect. Define Your Storytelling Style will show you how to discover, harness, and direct all that creative energy into a voice that enriches every word you write.

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Hi, I'm Sue! I'm a developmental editor for the romance genre, and I am passionate about
 helping authors bring out the heart, humor, and sparkle in their stories.

Here’s what authors are saying about my work:

Evie Drae

Romance writer

I’ve never worked with a more tuned-in, savvy, or humbling creative

Sue can see through to the very heart of a story, then weaves pure magic to draw the very best from your words.

Donya Lynne

Romance writer

Sue is a true collaborator.

Sue is naturally gifted to spot plot holes and developmental problems in a story. Her feedback and input are invaluable.

Shannon Gallagher

Romance writer

Is there an editor appreciation day? 

Because there should be. The good ones are wizards and they’re worth it. Thank you Sue.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in Define Your Storytelling Style!

Your success as a romance author is rooted in the sensitivity, clarity, and panache of your unique storytelling style. To earn true fan readers, you must dial in on the details that make your work stand out, then refine to hit just the right nuances. The smallest moment can stamp a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of your readers.

Over the course of several distinctly dialed-in, self-paced exercises, you'll challenge the way you look at your writing and discover—then perfect and polish—the soul of your storytelling voice. 


Have you ever really thought about why you write the way you do?

The step-by-step exercises in this course will help you identify the foundation of your message, what your words say about you.

You'll take a critical look at your writing—your impulses and subconscious desires—and understand what fills your creative well and why.

Learn how to look within so that you can connect with your ideal readers.


Are you holding back in your writing? Have you truly explored your potential?

In this course, you'll discover exactly which genre elements define your style and how to dig even deeper.

By acknowledging the core building blocks of your storytelling voice, you'll unlock the door to your untapped potential.

Learn how to open your mind to new possibilities so that readers will open their hearts to your stories.


A happy, successful writer never stops questioning, growing, and reaching.

In this time of social reckoning, the nuances of your message matter. You must choose your story details with intent.

The thought-provoking brainstorming questions in this course will challenge you to think and plan and dare.

Learn how to keep your approach relevant and fresh so you can harness and aim your storytelling voice.

About the Author

I’m Sue Brown-Moore, and I am on fire about educating and empowering romance authors. When it comes to sharpening your skills as a writer, there will never be a better time than now. Every time you invest in yourself and in doing what you love, your joy finds its way into the world. Whether you're a seasoned author or just starting out, tapping into the heart of your work will benefit not just yourself, but all the friends, family, and communities of readers who need your unique voice. Now is your time.

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