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Editing is about so much more than words on the page. Your transformation as a writer is just as important as your characters' growth arcs.

Here are some free guides, worksheets, and quizzes that can inspire transformational storytelling results.

Free writing resources

Standing book, Build Your Dream Team

Learn the three distinct types of freelance editors you need to hire, how to vet them, and when to schedule each phase. Plus even more exclusive insight in this no-frills master guide!

Design your character arc worksheet

Do you know the 5 transformational stages every character arc should follow?

Assign a scene to each of the 5 phases on this Design-Your-Character-Arc worksheet.

Why are some antagonists more compelling than others? 

Map out the 4 compelling ways your antagonist can strengthen your hero with this Build-An-Antagonist worksheet.

desk with map, notebook, and camera for exploring

Sometimes, the best way to unstick your story is as simple as discovering (or re-discovering) something from your character's past.

This quiz will ask specific questions to guide you to the right starting point. Then, once you know what's missing from your backstory, I'll give you some free resources to dig even deeper. 

So what's missing from your hero's (or antagonist's) backstory?

Level up your storytelling with these self-study courses

Check out the full course catalogue at Storysmith U here.

Or explore my catalogue of free self-study articles to strengthen the basics of your storytelling skillset.

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