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Romancing the Grand Gesture

About Romancing the Grand Gesture

The Romancing the Grand Gesture masterclass is a focused online video course that teaches fiction writers how to dial in the Grand Gesture romance-writing plot beat with confidence. This late-story moment is iconic, a scene that leaves readers feeling happy and fulfilled and can set your author brand apart.

This masterclass is ideal for romance writers, but even non-romance fiction authors can use this unique 4-step technique to craft memorable stories about heroes who become better versions of themselves.

The Romancing the Grand Gesture masterclass will help you:
- Learn why not every "grandiose" gesture is a true Grand Gesture (& how to TEST it)
- Understand the 3 key elements that must happen in the story BEFORE a Grand Gesture can happen.
- Check the emotional strength of your hero’s growth arc and spot when it needs MORE development.
- Script your hero’s big Grand Gesture moment using a FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS “Line Lib” that doesn’t require any planning or outlining.

In addition to the in-depth video instruction, the Romancing the Grand Gesture course also includes:
- Extra study resources, including a Q&A bonus video featuring two fiction book coaches.
- Ongoing (”lifetime”) access to the course.

If you're serious about writing memorable character-driven fiction books that readers rave about, the Romancing the Grand Gesture course is the perfect way to bring all your writing skills together to craft a single powerful scene. Sign up today and learn Sue's unique technique in less than an hour.

This course is fully digital and mobile-phone friendly. Whether you're checking in for your lessons on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone, you'll always have access to your content. 

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Romancing the Grand Gesture

About Sue Brown-Moore

Creator. Speaker. Feminist. Human. (She/her)

Known for being a tough editor with a soft touch, Sue Brown-Moore specializes in teaching revision techniques for character-driven fiction and champions progressive, inclusive literature. Sue helps writers rediscover their inner spark and push through vexing story problems using the character-first editing and storystorming techniques she teaches in her online university.

Sue has been featured in writing-focused events and publications, like Publisher’s Weekly and online writing summits, and the stories she collaborates on as both a freelance and acquiring editor have been celebrated with nominations and wins for industry awards like the Vivian, the Golden Heart, and the Lambda.

Learn more about learning from Sue and choose the confidence-building workshop, playbook, or bite-sized training that’s right for you, here on Sue's website.

You only get one chance to make a memorable first impression, so make it count!

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