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How to Build Breakthrough Backstories

About How to Build Breakthrough Backstories

Your hero's backstory is more than just a collection of memories and experiences. It is a powerful tool in your writing skillset, and a strategically crafted backstory can even help you break through writer's block. In the How to build a Breakthrough Backstory playbook, I walk you through the 6 steps that will simplify and focus your writing time. Stop chasing plot bunnies and writing random scenes, and zero in on the choices that matter most.

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Book: How to build a Breakthrough Backstory (a Storysmith U playbook)

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How to Build Breakthrough Backstories

When is a character’s backstory more than just the events that make up their history? When it is strategically crafted to empower your story-making decisions. But how do you know what parts of that history you should spend time digging deeper into? And how can your hero’s backstory help you solve sticky plot problems? That is what this playbook will help you discover.

As creatives, we all use different lingo, so let's take a moment to be sure we're on the same page about what a playbook is and which characters this method is best for.

About Sue Brown-Moore

Creator. Speaker. Feminist. Human.
Sue Brown-Moore is seasoned, comprehensive professional romance book editor. Her passion is educating romance authors, while enriching and empowering their writing careers.
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