Make the right story decisions at the right time

Your hero's backstory is more than just a collection of memories and experiences.


Backstory is a powerful tool in your writing skillset, and a strategically crafted backstory can even help you break through writer's block

In the How to build a Breakthrough Backstory playbook, I walk you through the 6 steps that will simplify and focus your writing time.

Through the 10 lessons in this playbook, you'll learn how to create a layered, realistic, believable backstory for your hero.

Stop chasing plot bunnies and writing random scenes, and zero in on the choices that matter most.

Book: How to build a Breakthrough Backstory (a Storysmith U playbook)

What's inside

  • A step-by-step walkthrough of how to build a Breakthrough Backstory for your character in 6 simple steps 
  • More than 50 unique examples to illustrate how flexible this method can be
  • How to use the Character Element List technique to give your hero depth and dimension
  • How to use the Backstory Development Table method to dig deeper into your character's psyche
  • How to facilitate your own personal Targeted Exploration Sprints to unlock your story's potential
  • More backstory-related resources and where to go from here 
A look inside the Breakthrough Backstories playbook