The Author Brand Voice Starter Kit

Develop a strong

author brand voice

Demystify "voice" and start building a unique author identity that appeals to your "one-click" readers.

(So you can get the most out of your marketing and sales dollars and build a brand that feels good.)

Discover what makes your writing special.

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What the heck is voice, anyway?

  • Do you struggle to describe what your author voice is?
  • Are you "shooting from the hip" for your story's style and tone?
  • Do you worry about appealing to readers (and stress about exactly how to do that)?

You need a place to start .

Everything included in my Author Brand Voice Starter kit

Discover the heart of a powerful author brand voice.

Then follow my step-by-step workbook to start defining yours.

Included in your Starter Kit

the get-started checklist for my Author Brand Voice Starter Kit

Quick-Start Checklist

The checklist has step-by-step instructions that walk you through how to get start crafting your author voice

intro video preview for my Author Brand Voice Starter Kit

Intro Video

The feel-good video chat introduces what your author voice is and why it's so important

the pdf walkthrough guide for my Author Brand Voice Starter Kit

Walkthrough Guide

The Visualize Your Voice pdf guide recaps the video lesson, with extra graphs & takeaways for reference later 

the pdf fill-in-the-blanks workbook for my Author Brand Voice Starter Kit

Fill-in Workbook

My Build Your Author Brand workbook is a printable fill-in-the-blanks pdf that helps you define your author voice

To find your author's voice, this is a must.

~ author David de Felice on the Visualize Your Voice guide

Build an author voice  that represents you.

  • Discover what sets your writing apart (and leads to "one-click" buys)
  • Deliver a consistent tone, style, and "feel" that hooks your perfect-fit readers
  • Develop confidence in your writing's appeal (because your voice is a beacon that will draw readers to you)

This was an incredible session! I have had SO much trouble figuring out what my "voice" was and now I finally understand.

~ from an author who attended the live summit debut of my Visualize Your Voice training

Learn how to cut through the noise about "brand" and "voice" and

Start crafting your author brand voice now

Everything included in my Author Brand Voice Starter kit

Got a question? Read on!

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

This Starter Kit is a digital product that lives inside my online university and has downloadable files. I have a general no-refunds policy for this type of program.

If you're not sure it will be right for you, email me and I'll help you decide. (But keep in mind that I try to observe healthy working hours and may not be able to respond to your email before any limited-time offers expire.)

Can I get a discount? I already got the guide and/or workbook from a summit you were in.

If you attended the live event where I debuted this training, you may have purchased an All-Access Pass that gave you access to the workbook. You also may have seen the video or downloaded the Visualize Your Voice guide as a free perk of the summit. Those are, of course, yours to keep as long as you like. 

But this Starter Kit is more than just the sum of its parts. It may start out as a collection of the original pieces but will evolve into something much more special and comprehensive over time. When you purchase the Starter Kit through my online university, you get ongoing access to all the individual content pieces, plus all future updates and additions

I also answer questions in the Comments section of the lessons, so being enrolled in this "course" version gives you the opportunity to ask any questions about the training that are confusing. And you can see what other people are asking, to see if your question has already been answered!

I also have no way to track who purchased lifetime access to the summit (because I didn't host it). 

How long do I have access?

As long as this program lives in my online university, you can log in and access it. Some people call this "lifetime" access, but I find that confusing. Whose lifetime? Mine? Yours? Instead of saying "for the lifetime of the course", I just say ongoing access.

I currently have no future plans to retire this program.    

How long will this Starter Kit be for sale?

Indefinitely! I don't have any plans to retire it, so if the timing isn't right right now, that's totally okay. 

Just keep in mind that any one-day or limited-time offers (like my Black Friday Deals Week) are not guaranteed to come around again. And sometimes it's better to start making progress now rather than waiting (and waiting and waiting) for a sale.

Is this just for fiction writers?

Essentially, yes. This program was made specifically for the wide, general genre of fiction, so that's who it will most benefit (including and especially for focused fiction subgenres, like romance).

It can still be useful if you write non-fiction (including memoir), but you may find that some of the exercises are less relevant to your genre.

If I have questions about the workshop, how do I get help?

You can ask questions directly on the "lessons" inside my online university. Just leave a comment there. I do regular checks of all my courses and respond when I can. I likely won't answer personally specific questions or teach any higher-level concepts via comment, but I will definitely try to clarify any major points of confusion about the Starter Kit and its contents. 

Asking in the course comments makes our dialogue visible to the other students as well. Someone may have the same question as you (and vice versa), which saves us all time and energy.    

I have a different question.

I'd be happy to chat about it! Email me at

I answer most emails within 48 hours unless it's over a weekend or I'm traveling. (But keep in mind that I try to observe healthy working hours and may not be able to respond to your email before any limited-time offers expire.)

Confused about how to even begin developing your author voice?

I walk you through it with my 3-step Checklist.

I show you exactly where to start! Here's what's inside the Author Brand Voice Starter Kit: video intro, voice walkthrough guide, workbook

Before, I was too concerned about what different things my ideal readers might like. Should I target a particular age or affinity group, etc.? Now I am more confident because I believe there are readers who are looking for the type of experience I give them.

Pam Green // Contemporary Christian Fiction writer

Hi, I'm Sue!

I help fiction writers craft stories your readers will remember forever. My revision techniques are based in the study of human psychology and harness the power of transformative emotions. 

This Starter Kit was created with fiction writers in mind, because "voice" and "brand" are such nebulous concepts in the publishing world. 

I can't wait to show you how to discover what makes your writing special so you can craft a magnetic voice that brings readers to you.

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