Set up the heart of your story in just eight scenes 

Save your seat in the virtual training that will teach you my 8-Scene Story Setup method so you can learn how to draft a tight, cohesive character growth arc on the first try. The live and on-demand versions of this training will be available in mid-2023.

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The 8-Scene Story Setup

Drafting a tight, cohesive character arc on the first try can be as simple as planning eight key story moments. (Yes, really!) Join me, professional development editor Sue Brown-Moore, in this 60-minute training on The 8-Scene Story Setup to learn the shortcut framework that will simplify your plotting process and avoid some of the most common plotting pitfalls

The 8-Scene Story Setup will guide your hero through their full Transformation Growth Arc so you can spotlight every powerful moment in their on-page character journey.

This session is perfect for fiction writers who

  • Struggle with constantly rewriting and tweaking a manuscript
  • Get stuck in the muddy middle of a story and don't know what to do next
  • Write lackluster climax sequences and can't figure out why
  • End up writing a totally different story than they set out to
  • Want to write gripping stories about people who become better versions of themselves

For pantsers—and anyone else who prefers to discover the story as they write it—the 8-Scene Story Setup is a way to fail-proof your finished draft before you send it off for critiques or edits. Don't miss this inside peek at a professional storysmith's personal toolkit.

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