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become a bestselling romance author

Don't waste any more time tweaking little details. For big results, you need a transformational vision. 

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Selling your stories can be an intimidating, soul-sucking experience. 

If you want to make a living from your passion, you must master the art of romancing your ideal reader. Even if you haven't published a single book yet.

This guide, written by a romance-industry professional editor, pulls back the curtain on the emotions behind readers' buying choices and gives you direct, actionable tasks to start fixing your mistakes... even before you make them.

In this free, actionable guide, you'll discover:

  • The ridiculously simple secret to 1-click, lifelong fans (with specific techniques)
  • Enlightening storycraft checklist questions (that can instantly improve your story) 
  • Three ways to boost your book reviews and ratings (#1 can take your storytelling to the next level)
  • Why Amazon is not your biggest problem (and how to focus on what really matters)
become a bestselling romance author

Tangible fixes, unlike other tools

Sue’s guide focuses on tangible things you can address rather than things authors don’t necessarily have control over, like algorithms! I’ve tried some other tools before, but Sue asks some different questions I hadn't thought of.

I was expecting more of the same—marketing do’s and don’t’s and Goal/Motivation/Conflict—but this guide goes deeper and comes at it from an another angle. There’s something here for authors at all stages

R.L. Merrill  //  Award-winning author

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Here's what people are saying...

author Sara Whitney

Empowering, straightforward, and actionable

When Sue says she’s focused on empowering romance authors, she’s not exaggerating. This guide offers a series of concrete, pragmatic questions that will help you flesh out your characters and find ways to connect with an audience. Even better, the advice is presented in Sue’s positive and encouraging style, so it’s almost like having a friend cheering you on when you open your work-in-progress.

Sara Whitney  //  2019 RWA© Golden Heart© award finalist

Author Stacy Finz

My expectations were high. I was not disappointed.

Sue is a savvy editor who knows the industry. I know she is a perfectionist, so my expectations were high. I was not disappointed. Three Fixable Reasons confirmed for me that focusing on advertising and promotion, which I hate, and following trends aren't necessarily the answers. I recommend this guide for anyone who is unhappy with their sales or just anxious to hook new readers, or hold the ones they already have.

Stacy Finz  //  NYT and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance

Author C.P. Rider

A lot of good information packed into such a short guide!

This is a valuable guide for newly published writers. I wish I'd read this when I first started. As I was going through the questions on page 14, I had an AHA! moment in the story I'm working on. I realized I wasn't delving far enough into my main character's past. Once I did that, I was able to see why she was behaving the way she was and everything made sense.

C.P. Rider  //  Urban fantasy romance author of The Sundance Series

Rosalie Redd, Award-winning paranormal romance author

Recommended for authors willing to up their game

I downloaded the Three Fixable Reasons guide because I wanted to take my career to the next level. It pointed out some places I could tighten my writing and expand on my characters. I would recommend this guide to any author struggling with their stories who are willing to do the work to up their game.

Rosalie Redd  //  Award-winning paranormal romance author

author Buffy Kennedy

The "Secret to 1-click fans" was insightful

Three Fixable Reasons didn't meet my expectations exactly, but exceeded them. It's not a long drawn out guide on how to change everything in your life to achieve your goal the "right way", but an in-depth guide on achieving your goals with a little boost in identifying problems and suggestions to fix it. It's not just a guide to marketing your published book, but what to keep in mind from the very beginning of the writing process. Very positive, written in a friendly and encouraging way as opposed to purely instructional.

Buffy Kennedy  //  Aspiring writer

Placeholder for avatar

Ideas you probably never considered

Three Fixable Reasons helped me realize that while I knew I had two targeted audiences with my different series of books, I probably never targeted the audiences correctly when launching the releases. It's a good short read with ideas you probably never considered. 

Tianna Xander  //  Award-winning paranormal, sci-fi, and time travel romance author

Placeholder for avatar

Like talking to a friend

The Three Reasons Guide gave me the information it said it would as well as some bonus information. It also felt less like I was reading a book and more like I was talking to a friend. Anyone who is serious about writing would benefit from this book. Even if they aren't exclusively romance writers. There is something for everyone in here. 

Alex Pitones  //  YA & Urban Fantasy writer

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